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Found 7 results

  1. We are recruiting staff and members for a new clan. Juggernaut Gaming. As a new clan we are looking for mature and trust-worthy players to help us. We don't have any specific games you need to play, so come along. Website: http://juggernautgaming.ga Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM8ezqhOSuIDwY7UQqJjPuA
  2. Website: http://www.deathshepardsgaming.com/ TeamSpeak: ts3ds.ts.nfoservers.com Leader: DEATHREP #USMC Main Server Modes: Garrys Mod, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,Counter Strike: Source Current Servers as of 09/10/2015 Garrys Mod DarkRP- CsGo FFA: CsGo Minigames: CsGo Bhop: Garrys Mod TTT: Garrys Mod Murder: Counter Strike Source Minigames: Minecraft:minecraftserver.game.nfoservers.com:25565
  3. MIA Clan ​Here at the MIA Clan we pride ourselves in sustaining an enjoyable gaming environment. MIA was founded in 2005 by Undertaker. He wanted gamers from all over the world to have a fun social gaming community to come to. In creating the MIA Clan he created a functioning system that promotes a fun gaming experience. With our code of ethics we strive to ensure that we continue to have the best reputation in the gaming world. We have dedicated council members whom have been members of MIA for many years. They appoint Division Leaders & those Division Leaders appoint Assistant Division Leaders. Divisions, Sub Divisions & Leaders Division Division Leader Ark: Survival Evolved JackalopeHunter ArmA 3 Morgue2903 BF3, 4, Hardline MrClicks CS: GO Scorpion World of Tanks Raptor Console (PS4, XB1) Tidaslam We are always open to other games so let us know what you play! Council Members UNDERTAKER WRXS*** Andrea VMAX6 MURFTHESURF A_LUCKY_HIT MrClicks Recruit Department Kato Snowman Scorpion KILLSWITCH314 MIA Clan is a family oriented gaming community. We expect people who play on our servers to be respectful. This includes no cursing in TeamSpeak or in-game chat. Our head of security, VMAX6, works diligently to ensure that cheaters of any kind are prohibited from joining our clan. Know that when you join the MIA Clan you are joining a fair & balanced gaming community that puts a focus of having the most fun possible. If you have any questions about becoming a member of the MIA Clan feel free to join our TeamSpeak channel @ You can also get more information by visiting our website at http://miaclan.net. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Look forward to seeing you!
  4. Freelance Gaming a new community ready for you! ======================================================================================================================================================================== Who are we? Freelance gaming is a new gaming community looking for members! with the need of new members we are in the need for staff positions and by this we mean a Hierarchy. As of right now anything can have the chance to become one of our staff! We were founded a couple weeks back with the goal in mind to turn into a active fun community. Previously we were a different group, from which you can see from a different post of mine but that changed. I never got around to doing anything with that one. So I changed my mind, got a website slapped our name on it and made a forum. That was the beginning of Freelance Gaming, I originally got the idea from playing Mount & Blade Warband when I was playing I noticed that I was wearing pretty bad ass armor and was wielding a heavy lance. From this I concocted the name Freelance Gaming. After which as said above I made the site which made us a official community with a forum. Going to the future it lead me here advertising the community so new members can join and make this community a wonderful place. One new member can make all the difference, some people may say "hey? they have no people why should I join?" well what point is any community without members? And if you think about it, new community's can mean new ideas and experiences all of which comes from the members. What do we offer? Right now we are looking for a hierarchy for our community. So in turn we are looking for high ranking members first to build onto the hierarchy, in doing this we are aiming to already have a steady chain of command. So every new member has a good chance of becoming a high rank right off the bat! INTERESTED IN THIS OFFER? - All you need to do is sign up on our site and contact me, via the forum. It's that simple! We can have more to offer if you are willing to chip in and help make a community grow! we don't ask for much other than you to consider the possibilities of joining. Future Goals Freelance Gaming is looking to be a steady laid-back community. We aren't looking to force members into events or tournaments, that is a luxury that we offer and is entirely up to the members. We just want to have a good time and meet new face and make friends. In our eyes that is what having a community is about. ======================================================================================================================================================================= Your's Truly, Freelance Gaming Website: www.freelancegaming.tk
  5. The Fighting 13th community is recruiting for League of Legends EUW! - http://fighting13th.com. We need your help to destroy the enemy Nexus! The Fighting 13th was established July 21st, 2009 (under 13th MEU moniker before) and been active ever since. We have 100+ members from all over (see our member map) for the different games we play. We are a casual clan open to all who meet our requirements. We do a fair amount of competitive gaming and partake in and host events and operations. We give our rates/ranks for leadership and experience and there are dozens of awards you can earn to be showcased on your profile and posts. We value teamwork, respect, community, camaraderie, and the main goal of having a blast with each other, whether late nights or throughout the day. What other games do we play? Battlefield Arma Wasteland CO-OP CS:GO Firefall War Thunder We are looking for those: 1) 17 years or older 2) Who own a working microphone (Teamspeak 3 as well, download here: http://www.teamspeak.com/) 3) Who have a team-focused mindset 4) Able to behave moderately and be able to listen and follow directions 5) Able to commit a few hours each week for clan activities Do these things to get into the clan http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/images/smilies/smile.gif First you make an account on website Then you verify your account by email Then you fill out an application And last you wait for and admin to answer your apllication (this will happen within 24 hours). He will also ask you to confirm your application, so you just write "confirmed" and post it on your application thread. After this I would like you to add me ingame or come on TS and talk to me. We don't care for your ranking, if you are a low elo player, practice with us, if you are a high elo player, teach us as much (or less) as you want! If you're interested in joining, just register on our website and visit this link to get started:http://fighting13th.com/forum/34-apply-here/ You can expect: An alive community with lots of nice and active people. There are always someone on our TS channel since we are a worldwide community. FUN! and lots of more stuff! The Fighting 13th. Register. Apply. Dominate. Hope to see you on Summoners Rift! Come join TS on the league channel or one of the public channels if you have questions. Or Ingame contact: Kvistlol AwesomeNarwhal Lance Corporal Kvistlol
  6. Band Of Misfits BOM is a new community trying to grow into a fun gaming community that will eventually have it's own servers. We look forward to having new members in our community. If you're interested please look at the following below. What do we do? BOM is a PC gaming community that plays multiple games. As of right now we only have a full select games that we are officially on but we hope to expand to other games with the growth of our community. BOM strives to have a fun casual game-play experience for all our members, we look down on negativity in our group to keep the best experience. As of right now we have no members but with your help we can become what we are aiming to be, without members we can't be a community and without a community, no one would be in one. BOM trys to keep the user friendly and the community has a say so in the community. After all without them we would not be. What do we look for? MaturityAges preferably 14+RespectThis is all we ask for three things that will make this all work. What do we play? BOM as of right now is only limited to ARMA III, ARMA II, Mount & Blade Warband (& mods), DAYZ and GTAIV LCPDFR. I know this is not a lot but from our point of view this is a good standing point considering we don't have members. Future Goals? BOM has a lot of future goals in mind. One of the main ones being to expand the community, but one of the most important goals is to host our own servers. I as a owner have hosted many in the past but from lack of traffic, budget and little community it fell. So I hope that this time you can help this dream come true, we're all part of it. What would a community be without their own servers anyway? Where can I join? If you're interested in joining feel free to visit our site and www.bandofmisfits.comuf.com | You can also join our TEAMSPEAK 3 server by searching Band of Misfits or by using this IP > | The teamspeak server is hosted on my own PC so it may be down at times, but I keep it on 24/7 unless otherwise. So what are you waiting for? Join Today!
  7. Greetings to all, What is Brothers in Gaming? We are a brand new gaming community with a focus on Minecraft, as well as Garry's Mod and Arma II. If you are looking for a nice place to relax with a great community, look no further. Our Future & Information. We are looking for players, members, and developers. We also have multiple staff openings. The community hopes to progress a-ton, but we need players for that. We currently have four servers based in, Gmod, Minecraft, Arma 2 Island Life and a teamspeak server. All server information can be found at our website. We also strongly encourage people to visit our site and register because our website has many update notices and information which can be useful and easily noticeable. So without further ado here is the website URL: http://brothersingaming.enjin.com/home I hope to see many of you on the site and on our servers! Remember the community is a work-in-progress so expect changes, tweaks, and bugs. Over and out, KingAlmond
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