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Fighting 13th community is recruiting for new members.

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The Fighting 13th community is recruiting for new members!!  - http://fighting13th.com [fighting13th.com] (fairly new website) 


The Fighting 13th was established July 21st, 2009 (under 13th MEU moniker before) and been active ever since. We have 200+ members from all over the world (see our member map) for the different games we play. We are a casual clan open to all who meet our requirements. We do a fair amount of competitive gaming and partake in and host events and operations. We give our rates/ranks for leadership and experience and there are dozens of awards you can earn to be showcased on your profile and posts. We value teamwork, respect, community, camaraderie, and the main goal of having a blast with each other, whether late nights or throughout the day. 


​Example of some of the games we play - CS:GO / ARMA / War Thunder / LoL / World of Warships / Battlefield 3/4 + many more. 


We are looking for those: 

1) 17 years or older 

2) Who own a working microphone (TeamSpeak 3 as well) 

3) Who enjoy teamwork

4) Who can behave but still have a good time

4) Able to commit a few hours each week for clan activities


Our TeamSpeak address: fighting13th.teamspeak.org


If you're interested in joining, just register on our website and reference wulfie and somebody or myself will help out.


visit this link to get started: http://fighting13th..../34-apply-here/ [fighting13th.com]

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