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Doors - 0.9.0


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We've noticed that doors are acting strangely. One time they'll open in, the next time they'll open out. Every other time a door is opened it opens the opposite direction. It means trip mined doors only work half the time. It also means every other time a team tries to go through a set of doors they get bottle necked.

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yes it is the only problem we still have  with 0.90

good luck to can fix  for some maps it is a bit annoying :P


@Silencer PL

1/ from gao I" i can confirm the change in behavior. Doors that opened away from face in 0.8.2, now change the direction every time they are opened. Doors that open only one direction seem unaffected."

3/ no map issue

4/ silent 0.90

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What silencer meant to say, is that it is a bug, but it's not a code change we have done. We have a build system that produces a binary with the bug. We can also build without it. You will get a server binary without the bug soon. Finding out why we have a problem with the usual build system is still unclear. Thank you for the offer to help anyway.

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