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bots do not reset xp


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As far as I know you should add clearxp to the beginning of your objectivecycle.cfg to get the xp to reset every time your rotation starts

set d1 "set g_gametype 2 ; clearxp ; map oasis ; set nextmap vstr d2"

you could also try changing the omni-bot.cfg file

Reset                          = 1
Max                            = 10000

that will reset the xp for the bots at 10000 or what ever number you change it to.

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This is the omni-bot.cfg:


DumpFileEnable                 = true
DumpFileDialog                 = true

LiveUpdate                     = false

MaxBots                        = 12
BalanceTeams                   = 1
SaveConfigChanges              = 1
CountSpectators                = 0
SleepBots                      = 0
MinBots                        = -1
InitialDelayTime               = 3

CurrentDifficulty              = 1
AdjustAim                      = 1

moveskill                      = 3

MinPlayersForMortar            = -1
MinPlayersForMobileMG          = -1

LogInfo                        = true
LogWarnings                    = true
LogErrors                      = true
LogCriticalErrors              = true

Reset                          = 1
Max                            = 50000

enabled                        = 0

BotTeam                        = -1
HumanTeam                      = 1
BotsPerHuman                   = 3
And xpsave is working fine.
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sorry I can't think of anything to cure it.

you've got the bots working, xp is saving, its just not resetting.

I think its a setting somewhere but I don't know which one.


you may be better off posting on the omni-bot forum perhaps some there with more experience than me may be able to help you, but it may also be a xp problem with the nq mod but I don't know if anyone on their forum could help ? it has not been used very much in the last few months, may be some one is still around.

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You should have some cars in there





Enables Omni-Bots if they are installed on the server.


Type: boolean

Default: 0

omnibot_flags (Changed in 1.2.9)


Various flags affecting the behaviour of bots.


Type: bitmask

1 Disable XPSave for bots

2 Bots cannot mount tanks

4 Bots cannot mount emplaced guns

8 Don't count bots (this affects the value of the cvar 'omnibot_playing' which contains the number of bots playing or -1 if this flag is set)

16 Bots will gib wounded players, so they can no longer be revived (New in 1.2.7)

32 Bots will trigger team mines and spotted mines (New in 1.2.9)

64 Bots are able to use g_shove (New in 1.2.9)

Default: 0



Must point to the absolute path of where Omni-Bot is installed.

Example: set omnibot_path "/home//enemy-territory/omni-bot/" (note the slashes at both the beginning and end of the path).


Type: string

Default: ""

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// Omni-bots
set omnibot_enable 1  //changed from 0
set omnibot_path "/home/harry/OGP_User_Files/omnibot/"  //changed from "/usr/local/games/enemy-territory/omnibotv084/"
set g_bot_maxXP 1000  //changed from -1
set g_bot_minPlayers 8  //changed from -1
set omnibot_flags 262160  //changed from 0

and the other bit which can compare if you like ?

set g_XPSave "15"
set g_XPSaveDirectory "/home/harry/OGP_User_Files/noquarter/nq/xpsave/" // changred from "/games/enemy-territory/nq/xpsave/"
set g_XPSaveMaxAge 691200 // 8 days
set g_XPDecay 0
set g_XPDecayFloor 540
set g_XPDecayRate 0
set g_maxXP -1
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