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i got banned but no idea why


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Hello all!


Not sure where to ask for help about this subject, so i try here.


Wanted to play on my fav silent mod server today, but i recieved an automatic ban, and i have no idea why. Asked for the unban several times, but the mod bans me againd and again. The problem seems to occur on a mapchange or vid_restart command. Any idea what can cause this or how to solve it? 



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Does it happen when you play on other silent servers ? Or Only on your favorite server ?


Ye it happens on all silent server. 


It looks like some kind of config issue, that is forced on a vid_restart or mapchange (which is also similar to a vid_restart), but how can the mod ban me for something in my config?? I just dont get this :/

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Well, i solved the problem by reinstalling ET, I installed it in a different folder also (not in Program Files (x86)), also i have dynamic IP so i changed it. Loaded up my config and it works fine. 


Still i dont have any idea what happened, i didnt download any hack intentionally. Alex said some server could cause this by making me download infected pk3 files... so i guess that happened since i cant really imagine anything else.

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