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ETXreaL 0.3.0 has been released!


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The most important part, the list of features:



IMPORTANT: Changed media license for community contributions to "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported"

  • Changed required minimum OpenGL version to 3.2 on Windows
  • 20 - 80% faster runtime speed by using better Visual Studio compiler options
  • Replaced VS 2008 and SCons project files by Premake 4.3
  • Changed default binary installation folders to bin/ to avoid conflicts between different architectures
  • Improved r_softShadows quality and speed with irregular shadowmap sampling like in Crysis
  • Implemented Exponential Variance Shadow Mapping to fight the VSM light bleeding problems
  • Optimized tangent space calculations for ET skeletal models (big speed improvement if r_vboVertexSkinning 0)
  • Fixed bugs concerning r_vboDeformVertexes
  • Added more ET specific keywords to the .shader parser
  • Added top-down view for r_showBspNodes
  • Added engine version to the console
  • Updated JPG loader to libjpeg 8c
  • Added Omni-bot 0.81 to default etmain game
  • Defaulted com_maxfps to 125
  • Rewrote HDR tone mapping to use correct RGB <-> XYZ <-> Yxy color space conversions
  • Added GUID system to generate etkeys which are sent as cl_guid
  • Renamed r_dynamicLightCastShadows to r_dynamicLightShadows


  • Improved ETXMap -map2map -format quake3 using additional support for worldspawn detail brushes
  • Improved ETXMap -map2map -format quake3 to support texture coordinates without GtkRadiant 1.4
  • Improved alternate BSP splitter algorithm for faster map compiles and better rendering speeds
  • Updated JPG loader to libjpeg 8c
  • Changed Unix home dir from .etwolf to .etxreal


  • Added over 1 GB new high resolution textures using diffuse, normal and specular material information
  • Added replacement textures for battery and fueldump by Eonfge
  • Added high quality skyboxes and models by AVOC
  • Added fueldump additions by KeMoN
  • Converted original ET maps to the Doom 3 .map format and added an etx_ prefix to them

Minimum system requirements:

CPU: 2 GHz (Intel or compatible)

System Memory: 512 MB

Graphics card: Any graphics card that supports Direct3D 10 and OpenGL >= 3.2


Recommended system requirements:

CPU: 3 GHz+ (Intel or compatible)

System Memory: 1024 MB+

Graphics card: GeForce 8800 GT, Radeon HD4850 or higher.


More info: http://www.splashdam...0-ETXreaL-0.3.0


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It seems NQ isn't compatible with XreaL yet... Other mods too of course, but I remember I was playing on a Jaymod server without any problems some time ago (that was an alpha build of XreaL if I'm right).


For now, if you would like to discover all the benefits of XreaL, you should start a local server on etmain or connect to the XreaL server:

XreaL Serverlist

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