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Certain players cant exec their player cfg's

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OFFLINE   Dookie


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Hi, some people came to me that they cannot exec their .cfg with which they are playing. I asked them and they said it works normally on other silent servers, since I have no idea what might b causing it, I came here cuz u guys always have solutions for everything! :)


Only thing that's ringing in my head is maybe something with default.cfg, so imma gonna copy it here:


forcecvar snaps 20
sv_cvar cg_fov IN 90 120
forcecvar r_ambientScale 0.5
forcecvar r_colorMipLevels 0
forcecvar r_lightmap 0
sv_cvar r_depthbits IN 24 32
forcecvar cl_freelook 1
forcecvar cl_pitchspeed 0
sv_cvar cl_yawspeed IN 0 140
forcecvar cl_timenudge 0
forcecvar r_zfar 0
sv_cvar cl_maxpackets IN 60 100
sv_cvar com_maxfps IN 43 125
sv_cvar rate IN 25000 45000
sv_cvar r_rmse EQ 0
forcecvar r_softwareGL 0
sv_cvar r_clamptoedge EQ 1
sv_cvar cl_nodelta EQ 0
sv_cvar cl_packetdup IN 0 1
[players 0-10]
set team_maxPanzers 0
set team_maxMortars 0
set team_maxFlamers 0
set team_maxGrenLaunchers 1
[players 10-12]
set team_maxPanzers 0
set team_maxMortars 0
set team_maxFlamers 0
set team_maxGrenLaunchers 2
set g_excludedMaps ":purefrag:fragmaze_fixed:"
[players 13-32]
set team_maxPanzers 1
set team_maxMortars 1
set team_maxFlamers 1
set team_maxGrenLaunchers 2
set g_excludedMaps ":purefrag:fragmaze_fixed:"




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they cannot exec their .cfg


What do you exactly mean with this?

OFFLINE   alex


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What error message do they get when trying to exec their config ?

OFFLINE   hellreturn



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Do you have pk3 in etmain with autoexec.cfg inside it? That's one of the reason why it messes up. I know certain clans had that pk3's and I never visited there server back because it messes up my configs. 

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