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In Topic: server facade question regarding silent-0.9.0

09 February 2016 - 07:36 PM

I consider "fake links" to be putting up names that are deceptive or have nothing to do with the actual server.

I am aware this software is easily abused. I dont think adding links with the same name as the real server is particularly bad. It is a good way to get attention and doesnt do anything to the client installs.

In Topic: server facade question regarding silent-0.9.0

09 February 2016 - 07:27 PM

I am using the old "Server Facade" software from Redsector to add a few extra links to my server on the masterlist. The links are the same name as my "real" server, and the player is asked if they want to go to the real server IP. This has been used by many people for years. I use these in addition to the 2.55/2.60 dual lister from Trackbase (the modified ET.exe from Paul that has been out for years). Nothing new or particularly creative lol.

We had a hacker mess with our in-game voting, which I reported here a few weeks ago. He was also using an aimbot which was uncommon on my server. This same hacker then started setting levels. I had to set the rcon password to "" to stop it. So I thought maybe the exploit would be patched in 0.9.0 and I tried it last night. It works fine with enhmod though.

In Topic: Mini-mods for specific maps

26 January 2016 - 10:13 PM

The star wars mod is a pk3 file which is run globally for all maps on your server.

Most of the minimods are built using downloadable pk3 files which get distributed to your players and run for all maps.

One possible way around this would be to put the character skins within the map pk3 so they would be executed when that map runs. Then the next map would have different character files which would then be executed, and so on. However this could get quite messy and might not reset to the normal default character skins properly. Also you will need to rename these files with unique new names so they load after the default skins, and are not confused with the original map names.

It is possible but tedious and it could mess up players ET installations if you dont do it properly.

You might be able to do this better with lua or enhmod or some other hook.