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  1. You may be interested to know that the Jaymod source code was released in 2016 and is available on GitHub. I remember certain people trying to buy it from him ten years ago for $300 and Jaybird was displeased... Then in 2016 he gives it away for free, but after ET is pretty much dead forever (RIP ET).
  2. @hellreturn - I think that's a great idea - I have always felt the commercialization of ET was rather sad. You may want to consider removing all the advertisements! Really if you host servers you don't make any money, you need like 100 paying customers to make the profit you would make just in a day or two of working at a real job doing coding or networking. And then you have to deal with 100 customers who don't know how to set up their mapcycles or they get annoyed about something and demand a refund from PayPal (and get it, plus a $20 fee from PayPal against you). Or they use their rented server as a platform to ddos someone else and then you get the blame. I tried this about seven years ago... set up a big server on nuclear fallout servers and rented out ET servers off of that host, with all my personal game settings, and made maybe $50 a month profit. If I looked in my checking account and it was $50 short I would not even notice. Even if it was $500 a month so what it's a giant headache and it turns a fun hobby into a part-time job. Plus when I go to any gaming site I don't care about the ads at all, they are just something to ignore.
  3. I consider "fake links" to be putting up names that are deceptive or have nothing to do with the actual server. I am aware this software is easily abused. I dont think adding links with the same name as the real server is particularly bad. It is a good way to get attention and doesnt do anything to the client installs.
  4. I am using the old "Server Facade" software from Redsector to add a few extra links to my server on the masterlist. The links are the same name as my "real" server, and the player is asked if they want to go to the real server IP. This has been used by many people for years. I use these in addition to the 2.55/2.60 dual lister from Trackbase (the modified ET.exe from Paul that has been out for years). Nothing new or particularly creative lol. We had a hacker mess with our in-game voting, which I reported here a few weeks ago. He was also using an aimbot which was uncommon on my server. This same hacker then started setting levels. I had to set the rcon password to "" to stop it. So I thought maybe the exploit would be patched in 0.9.0 and I tried it last night. It works fine with enhmod though.
  5. Hello, I upgraded my silent -0.8.2 server to silent 0.9.0 today, due to some recurring problems with rcon hack vulnerabilities, and it appears to possibly have a conflict with my server facades that were running fine for a long time (several years) until now. I have rebooted the server facades, and then rolled my game server back to silent-0.8.2 with no success in being able to get my redirects running again. I saw in the new features list that there was something to block the user redirect feature, but it isn't very specific what this does. Can you tell me if this interferes with the Server Facades? I am just wondering if this version of silent mod is intended to block the server facades. If this is intentional it would nice to be transparent about it. Not everyone abuses them, I never put up fake links or spoofed anyone else's server name. Thanks.
  6. The star wars mod is a pk3 file which is run globally for all maps on your server. Most of the minimods are built using downloadable pk3 files which get distributed to your players and run for all maps. One possible way around this would be to put the character skins within the map pk3 so they would be executed when that map runs. Then the next map would have different character files which would then be executed, and so on. However this could get quite messy and might not reset to the normal default character skins properly. Also you will need to rename these files with unique new names so they load after the default skins, and are not confused with the original map names. It is possible but tedious and it could mess up players ET installations if you dont do it properly. You might be able to do this better with lua or enhmod or some other hook.
  7. I had kick voting enabled on my silent mod server and a couple players complained they got kicked when they tried to start a vote to kick a suspected botter. They said when they started the vote that they got kicked instead of the intended suspect. I didnt see the incident myself so I dont know the full story. I didnt see any reports of this in the bug tracker here. Is this a known exploit? As some of you know, I run enhanced mod and adjust a lot of weapon features serverside (no client-side stuff) so there is a possibility (remote but worth mentioning) that it could be enhmod related. I dont use any of the enhmod voting features though. Thanks for your time.
  8. A few comments: 1) Yes I am aware it is a lot of work. That is why I would prefer to just pay someone who already knows what they are doing rather than spend six months of my life staring at code. This forum is where to find people who are responsible and know what they are doing. 2) Yes I am aware that this will cost money. I am not thinking that this is something I can get for a $500 donation. Some of you know who I am in real life, so you know I am capable of basically buying whatever I need/want. 3) I am not trying to re-invent jaymod. Jaymod sucks. 4) I do not want to "just use silent mod". I ran a silent mod server next to our jaymod and No Quarter servers for a year and it was usually empty. I respect that silent mod is silent mod, and I do not want to modify it. I cannot even run enhanced mod with silent mod. I would prefer to have more freedom to operate. Thanks for reading
  9. I am looking for someone to create a custom ET mod for my servers. This will be a private mod that is not to be released. You will not "own" your work, but you will get credit and can use this on your resume. Due to the licensing issues we are not purchasing your code, but making a donation for your donated time. I am running a modified jaymod server with omnibot and enhanced mod. Our server crashes often and needs a better guid system, Yes I have run silent mod many times, I like the security features but I want more flexibility and we want to have creative control over what goes on our servers. We are looking to integrate map voting, hardware guids, and better security with something like jaymod. We are ready to develop our own mod to move past this dead and buggy mod. We want to have creative control over the mod and make something very customizable. Some recent exploits have encouraged us to finally bite the bullet and get rid of jaymod. If you are interested please contact me through this forum, with an offer of how much you would like to have donated (a paypal account would be fine) and what timeframe you would need to deliver a finished mod. We will be looking for ongoing support as well so we need someone reliable who has been in the ET community for a few years (so we would know who you are). Thanks for reading.
  10. Many server admins have reported bugs or unusual difficulties with enhmod but on my jaymod server it works fine. For me it adds a lot of character to the server. You can add ammo and change weapons and add custom commands and do many other things. Otherwise it would be just another boring dead server, with nothing to differentiate it. Your mileage may vary of course. I haven't seen anyone exploit the bug Hell is referring to. I think here are many other more-effective bugs that could be exploited in ET, so this probably falls far down the list for troublemakers to abuse. However yes I would not recommend it for silent mod. It killed my server by kicking half the players.
  11. First, thanks for the responses. I always liked that this developer forum is so responsive to issues. Yes I am well aware that the silent-0.8.0.pk3 should be running if a server is running that version of the game. However I did not update anything except the qagame file. I had 0.72 installed properly, then a couple months ago Hellreturn asked me to run the newest qagame (with the anticheat) and turn on the anticheat cvar. Due to previous problems with losing XP when upgrading silent mod, I did not want to update everything and risk losing XP and admin and have 50 players crying. The anticheat was working and updating cheaters properly. The server appeared fine to me when I connected and no one was complaining about anything. I had no reason to go updating it all again. But I noticed lately this server has really dropped off in rank from ~120 down to ~170 which is basically dead. (By comparison, my laggy jaymod server that crashes every two days is ranked 38 lol.) So I was watching the silent server while in remote desktop to the server host, and I noticed that players were getting kicked when they tried to connect if they did not have a guid. But players with an etkey were fine. This was not happening before I had switched the qagame file. I was actually wondering if you guys had done something to disable enhmod (maybe not on purpose but through the anticheat). That was what I wanted to investigate here.
  12. It worked fine before on silent. I have used it for a couple years. I liked to add extra ammo for guns with enhmod, and there is a !freeze command admins like to use. I guess it is no longer compatible.
  13. Oh btw the facade we are running to dual-list the silent server on both masterlists is the ET 3.00 from Trackbase, not the Redsector 2.55/2.60 patch stuff. This game is a Frankenstein monster <sigh...>
  14. Oh we are also running server facade too to post the server on both master lists. I'm not sure how that would be involved though. Server host is win2008.
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