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server facade question regarding silent-0.9.0

09 February 2016 - 08:31 AM



I upgraded my silent -0.8.2 server to silent 0.9.0 today, due to some recurring problems with rcon hack vulnerabilities, and it appears to possibly have a conflict with my server facades that were running fine for a long time (several years) until now.


I have rebooted the server facades, and then rolled my game server back to silent-0.8.2 with no success in being able to get my redirects running again.


I saw in the new features list that there was something to block the user redirect feature, but it isn't very specific what this does. Can you tell me if this interferes with the Server Facades?


I am just wondering if this version of silent mod is intended to block the server facades. If this is intentional it would nice to be transparent about it. Not everyone abuses them, I never put up fake links or spoofed anyone else's server name.



players get kicked when they call a kick vote

26 January 2016 - 09:48 PM

I had kick voting enabled on my silent mod server and a couple players complained they got kicked when they tried to start a vote to kick a suspected botter.

They said when they started the vote that they got kicked instead of the intended suspect.

I didnt see the incident myself so I dont know the full story. I didnt see any reports of this in the bug tracker here. Is this a known exploit?

As some of you know, I run enhanced mod and adjust a lot of weapon features serverside (no client-side stuff) so there is a possibility (remote but worth mentioning) that it could be enhmod related. I dont use any of the enhmod voting features though.

Thanks for your time.