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Posted by Krauersaut on 08 February 2015 - 03:36 PM




You both make hostile points and yet nobody cares about it. I am tired of reading about your personal problems and I very much suppose others are too.


People understand the reality but still don't care about your fights and accusations. There's really no need for you to fix the way people use forums online. You can leave that to the respective forum moderators.


McBeth does indeed answer PMs so you can safely assume the only one who finds no way to get in contact with her is you. For whatever reason there is.


A public forum is no place for your personal vendetta. Neither the Splatterladder forum, nor the MyGamingTalk forum. You know how to contact her privately and if she doesn't reply to you, she probably doesn't want to. Rest assured, I will not let you drag this over two forums and shall you continue doing so, don't be surprised when you face consequences eventually. That's my last post regarding you two.


By the way, this thread is from May last year and thus not relevant anymore, almost a year later. No matter whether the crash happened to her or someone else, it happened and had to be fixed.

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Posted by Krauersaut on 08 February 2015 - 01:48 AM

Are you really going to take this fighting into the MGT forums as well? On Splatterladder you've already been told to debate whatever issues you got with each other via PM or TS. There's absolutely no need to drag it to this forum.


You don't like each other. Everybody's got that by now. It becomes more and more boring with every new hostile post.

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Posted by Krauersaut on 25 December 2010 - 04:22 PM

BW isnt a big problem at all, cuz i've got unlimited traffic.
Yesterday i've already started to create a new Resource like WM.


At the moment its just a plain CMS-installation.
So stay tuned for some content and updates ...

greetz Cambo

Bandwidth definitely is a problem. Strato offers you unlimited traffic but in fact it is not unlimited. If you'll reach a certain amount of traffic, they will either reduce your bandwidth to a value you would have got when hosting at home or cancel your contract. Also don't even think about getting good download rates on a shared server with 30.000 domains. The only way to run a (fairly) large download portal is to get a dedicated server or sign some co-location contract.