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#14681 problem with nick

Posted by cziki on 15 May 2014 - 07:14 AM

Hello all,


Today I've updated silent on our server to 0.8.2 version. BTW: Big Thanks for this version :)

But after this I have a problem with nick. I can't use this symbol " ^ " in nick. When I choose a color (for example red: ^1 ) and after this I want to use ^ again (as a symbol in nick) it doesn't appear. In earlier version of silent everything was working fine. Have you got the same problem? Please try it in your nicks and write if it's confirmed and what is solution for this issue.



#11374 problem with default.cfg

Posted by cziki on 31 May 2013 - 06:34 AM



I'd like to hide some maps when on serwer is too many players. Also I want to shows 2 maps only when the number of players is 30 and more. My default.cfg looks:


forcecvar snaps 20
sv_cvar cg_fov IN 90 120
forcecvar r_ambientScale 0.5
forcecvar r_colorMipLevels 0
forcecvar r_lightmap 0
sv_cvar r_depthbits IN 24 32
forcecvar cl_freelook 1
forcecvar cl_pitchspeed 0
sv_cvar cl_yawspeed IN 0 140
forcecvar cl_timenudge 0
forcecvar r_zfar 0
sv_cvar cl_maxpackets IN 60 100
sv_cvar com_maxfps IN 43 125
sv_cvar rate IN 25000 45000
sv_cvar r_rmse EQ 0
forcecvar r_softwareGL 0
sv_cvar r_clamptoedge EQ 1
sv_cvar cl_nodelta EQ 0
sv_cvar cl_packetdup IN 0 1
wait 50
set g_sniperwar 0
set g_riflewar 0
set g_panzerwar 0
set g_speed 320
set g_dmgPanzer 400
set g_dmgPanzerRadius 300
[players 0-14]
set team_maxPanzers 1
set team_maxFlamers 1
set g_excludedMaps ":radar:fueldump:1944_overlord:rabenhorst:"
[players 15-36]
set team_maxPanzers 0
set team_maxFlamers 0
set g_excludedMaps ":fueldump:radar:"
[players 28-36]
set g_excludedMaps ":bremen_final:adlernest:el_kef_final:"
[players 30-36]
set g_excludedMaps ":goldendunk_a2:snatch3:goldrush:"
set g_includedMaps ":castleattack_b5:marketgarden_et_r2:"
This cfg don't work. I see castleattack_b5 and marketgarden_et_r2  maps when the number of players is below 30. Also excluded maps, when number of players is between 28-36 and 30-36, still shows up on mapvote windows. What's wrong with this cfg? 



#11210 unknown guid

Posted by cziki on 11 May 2013 - 05:46 AM



I have a problem with add guid to refguids.dat. When I use command addguid (slot number from /players), in refguids.dat I see "GUID" unknown successfully added". Where is the problem? Please help.

#11176 sounds in Silent

Posted by cziki on 09 May 2013 - 06:00 AM



I've got a question about adding sounds to player with !useredit command. Where I can find a path for sounds in .pk3 file for this command? Is it in some file or where? I want to make a second .pk3 files with another sounds for player and I don't know if I must write a path for this new file.