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silEnT release 0.8.0

  • https://mygamingtalk.com/uploads/monthly_10_2013/silent_0.8.0_server_patch.zip.f031200bc1e0891e5ae075a76369dd48

silEnT mod version 0.8.0 is out!


Information (Oct 06 2013 12:25 PM)

Before you read below, we would like to inform you that there's been a 0.8.0 server patch created for 0.8.0 version.


It fixes 1 defect that somehow slept into the release version, that is classes other than soldier could receive Improvised Demolition with the ammo pack.

All of you who downloaded 0.8.0 before this information are advised to use this patch or download the full package again - it has been fixed already.

We apologize for this small inconvenience.




Change log:


Version 0.8.0


Added: silEnT AntiCheat, this is an old feature existing several versions in the mod, that is now made public. Control the behaviour with g_silentac.

Added: New read only cvar, sv_sac. When silEnT AC is set to autoban, this cvar is set. This cvar can be used by external server trackers to enable/disable server anti cheat status on their lists.

Added: New Lua hook et_IntermissionStarts( round ). This hook is called right before the intermission. So that any changes to the cvars in the script, will take effect before the actual intermission. Do note that this will not run in the background and the script will need to exit fast just like always during the game.

Added: New g_logOptions flag 16384. When this flag is set, the admin log will use new format.

Added: minimizer, so far for linux only (minimize via menu or /minimize command).

Added: new weapon for Soldier: Improvised Demolition Charge (g_enableDemolition cvar).

Added: g_recognition cvar to enable/disable additional recognition notifications for players doing objective.

Added: !country command that displays the country of the player.

Added: g_muteRename cvar which, if enabled (set to 1), doesn't allow the muted player to change his name.

Added: cg_debugBullets. In combination with g_debugBullets, it can be used to visually test the antilag.

Improved: UI - items selected by keyboard (TAB, arrows) drawn as hovered, now we know which one has focus.

Improved: danger zone marker size based on the map size.

Fixed: Distorted player icon in map when in spectator and wide screen aspect ratio.

Fixed: Player scoreboard no longer displays 0.000 to PRW or KR when server doesn't have those enabled but the client cg_scoreboard cvar is set to show those.

Fixed: XP save doesn't need to be enabled to save mutes, weapon statistic, KR or PRW.

Fixed: Wrong compass grid and map position with widescreen.

Fixed: Antilag issue regarding Omni-bots. The Omni-bot hitboxes were not in the place where the players saw the bots while running.

Fixed: Last blood message was not printed if the client number of the player who made the last kill was 0.

Fixed: MG42 will not make headshots unless enabled.

Fixed: Many typos regarding log prints on reading different config files.

Fixed: Announcement positions for custom max values.

Fixed: osp fight sound not played fully (if the sound is longer).

Fixed: Memory leak in Lua et.trap_FS_Read.

Fixed: panzerwar bugs: 1) g_maxPanzerScuicides behavior, 2) weapon charge bar behavior, 3) panzerfaust auto switching to nades after couple fires

Fixed: giba minor bug (did not gib players that were protected by g_spawnInvul)

Fixed: Panzerwar and sniperwar no longer lose original weapon values when map changes.

Fixed: Missing head box when g_debugBullets is 3 or higher.

Fixed: Fixed no_ammo icon shown for binoculars (g_weapons, flag 8192)

Fixed: riflewar bug with animation of grenade being unloaded after each shot.

Fixed: Very rare client crash.






silEnT mod team

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  • Management

We are already in 0.9.0. We don't supply 0.8.0 and we don't give any support for anyone who is not running 0.9.0. You shouldn't be even seeking for that old buggy version. If there is some archiving reasons for seeking it, I don't remember what hapened with this particular version, but some version don't go public at all as they have been found critically buggy in the final testing on public servers. We have to increment the version number regardless, because the ET engine doesn't provide methods to cleanly reuse the pk3 names. I.e. the engine doesn't delete the old file of the same name, but rather adds a hash to the file name of the "overwriting" file.

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