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  1. exactly what happens to my friend and some others, they join and after a map ends he gets a ban and i didnt installed minimizer and pb. And please if someone knows if this binary with that md5 8c54a609fbe0d746577b75bdf2b5d094 is clean i will apreciate, im having so many guys refused to play at my server using this binary. 2017-06-13 04:39:58 ACM: Player Leftraru silEnT GUID (***********************************************) unknown client binary (8c54a609fbe0d746577b75bdf2b5d094)2017-06-15 20:21:11 ACM: Player little ed silEnT GUID (*****************************************************) unknown client binary (8c54a609fbe0d746577b75bdf2b5d094)2017-06-18 03:24:52 ACM: Player ^pF^nor^BB!d^nd^nE^pN^*^*^** silEnT GUID (***********************************) unknown client binary (8c54a609fbe0d746577b75bdf2b5d094) 2017-06-19 03:02:32 ACM: Player BDK silEnT GUID (******************************************) unknown client binary (8c54a609fbe0d746577b75bdf2b5d094) 2017-06-22 21:50:41 ACM: Player Greg silEnT GUID (******************************************) unknown client binary (8c54a609fbe0d746577b75bdf2b5d094)
  2. i have this problem happening in to my game server with a guy who i installed the gamefor him by teamviewer and everytime he connects to a silent server he gets a ban, He has a fresh install of the game from splashdamage. I also try download the game from et.trackbase.net and splatterlagger and same thing, banned for detected game hack. At first i was surprised by his ban because i know him since 2004 and i was playing with him for many years without notice he was cheating and after this weird ban i connected into his computer by teamviewer and installed the game like i do for myself and voila, banned for detected game hack AGAIN! I'm also experiecing this problem with unknown client binary (8c54a609fbe0d746577b75bdf2b5d094) I try to search for this client binary with this md5 but i cant, i dont really know if its a clean binary like et leagcy or something else, if anyone here know if its a clean binary tell me please! K.gEtSeRvEd i also a player wo was playing at my etpro server for many times and i didnt notice anything wierd!
  3. I try to search in the forum and also read the silent wiki to find why everytime i walk in to a corpse who have droped the binocs my gun switch to binoculars and i cant find any reason or a cvar who controls it. Anyone can help me out to solve this issue?
  4. it has passed only 2 days im testing your lua but i can express my little experience since i have builded many clan servers since the very beggining of ET (2003/4) and i really loved your lua. The only thing i can say to you is will be great use something like a config to enable/disable features and it would help old farts like me to have it setup correctly. Take the exemple of kmod / kmod+. Like others mods have something like an "cvar" "0" or "1" would be much less complicated to people use it.
  5. I found what was the problem. sorry it was my fault my basepath is different from homepath. Can someone close this threat?
  6. im giving a try at your mod but i can't get it working. I getting the following error: Setting MOTD... Lua API: Loading LuaESMod.lua[LESM] Initializing...Lua API: et_InitGame error running lua script: /home/et/server1/nitmod/LESM/Core.lua:636: attempt to call a nil value^4Game Initialization completed in 0.26 seconds.Omni-bot: ^2Looking for /home/et/server1/omni-bot/omnibot_et.so, Omni-bot: ^2Found Omni-bot: /home/et/server1/omni-bot/omnibot_et.so, Attempting to InitializeOmni-bot: ^2Omni-bot Loaded Successfully^2ET autoexec script executed. ^2Loaded Waypoints.^2Bot Initialized in 0.11 seconds.^4Omni-Bot Initialization completed in 0.11 seconds.^1Warning: setstate called and no entities found^1Warning: setstate called and no entities found^1Warning: setstate called and no entities found^2161 Goals Loaded, 25 Goals Deferred, 0 Goals could not load. elapsed time: 0.06 secondsLua API: et_ClientConnect error running lua script: /home/et/server1/nitmod/LESM/ConsoleObject.lua:72: attempt to index field 'Debug' (a nil value)ClientConnect: 1Userinfo: \name\TeH Boobinator\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\n_guid\000000000000000000000000BOT00001\x\00-00-00-00-00-00\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0[Error] Creating ClientObject from client number 1Lua API: et_ClientUserinfoChanged error running lua script: [string "LuaESMod.lua"]:220: attempt to index local 'Client' (a nil value)ClientUserinfoChanged: 1 n\TeH Boobinator\t\1\mu\0\rf\0\c\2\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\dn\\dr\0\w\22\lw\22\sw\2\rn\1\lc\2\xp\0 0 0 0 0 0 0 \u\0\sc\0\tv\0Lua API: et_ClientSpawn error running lua script: /home/et/server1/nitmod/LESM/ConsoleObject.lua:72: attempt to index field 'Debug' (a nil value)ClientBegin: 1
  7. I think youre not using the last version of kspree i have it here and its the revision 239 It works flawless in my server.kspree.zip
  8. this will works in a server with punkbuster enable??
  9. i try test it today and i cant reproduce the bug, maybe its because i have set the syringe to use limited needles, but i dont have sure.
  10. im able to get all weapons from the ground i think that is a mod feature mate, everyone can pickup any weapon if a player die and drop his weapon g_mode Description This is a bitflag cvar that supports the following values: Parameters Type: bitmask 1 Players will spawn instantly 2 Each class receives adrenaline 4 No damage on players 8 Players can pick up any weapon on the ground (Removing this bitflag will force all players to respawn!)
  11. I think i found a bug i was a medic in allies and i got from the ground the rifle k43 from an axis engie died, after i get it i cant get my syringe to work anymore, its like i did't have it disapear!!
  12. youre talking about the patch from dutchmeat?? Im using this script to ban temporaly the ips http://wolffiles.de/?forum-showposts-44-p5#523 (the getstaus_ban V1.5 from oldman) Hope it helps you!!
  13. Thanks mate!!! I will inform if i find any bugs!!!
  14. ok mate, im 36 years old i live at Brazil im old etplayer playing this game from 2003 until now, im also resgistered at splashdamage ( http://www.splashdam...php/8871-zbzero) i have these servers right now (etpro) (etpro) (etpub) (NQ sniper but its down in the moment) My clan homepage is that http://www.te666.com (its quite new only has 2 months), but my clan was using this site for many years -> http://te666.withme.us/ Hellreturn you already have answer some post i did at splashdamage forums Hope these info are ok for you!!! Regards, Rodrigo (my real name).
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