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  1. You are a player not a server admin right? Option 1: clean up /etmain/ (delete incomplete downloads, custom pack files, etc). If you don't know what you are doing - try option 2 Option 2: Re-install but to a new folder (such as c:\programfiles\wolf2\) grab this installer http://www.splashdamage.com/content/download-wolfenstein-enemy-territory Do not install punkbuster (its dead) Open the game and activate your profile (before you run any /exec cfg script and before you connect to any server)
  2. see: http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Creating_Custom_Commands example: [command]command = drawboxONexec = g_debughitboxes 1desc = show hitboxessyntax =levels = 7 8 9 [command]command = drawboxOFFexec = g_debughitboxes 0desc = show hitboxessyntax =levels = 7 8 9
  3. If you are wondering why crappier headphones may have the same specs - keep in mind that buying buying a car based on top speed doesn't mean the car is faster
  4. Always review the frequency range and Amazon reviews. If you have access to the headphones you can test them by using a frequency test (sweeping frequency sounds) video off of YouTube. SteelSound 4H Review = 16 – 28.000 Hz K240 MKII = 15 to 25000 Hz ROCCAT KAVE 5.1 = 20~20,000Hz
  5. AKG large circumference headphones https://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_2_6?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=akg+headphones&sprefix=akg+he%2Caps%2C147
  6. Is it possible that a client can connect to a jaymod server, autodownload a custom map such as z_darkness.pk3 which contains such dll then when client connects to silent mod AC detects it? Regardless of ban issues, I install a fresh copy of wolfenstein for every unique server IP I visit to reduce mod/map clutter in my /etmain/ folders. Have not seen missing textures since
  7. IMO his original post was both to investigate if a bug and if so, how one goes about handling such a situation. We are now concluding that it is not a 'known' bug unless proven otherwise. What gaoesa is saying is that bugs are reproducible. If you can reproduce the issue to which you can then forward the steps for silentmod team to reproduce the issue on their end in the same light - then there is a means to investigate what part of the process is leading to an AC ban. Missing textures (yellow/back color) as mentioned does not lead to a ban but it does suggest his et client is unique, there is other things going on in /etmain/ or something else While I understand the point here is to reduce chatter and stay on point, there is little information on how exactly AC works (or is there?) which Im sure helps make AC great but it also leads to server admins contemplating if the issue is indeed a cheater or an unknown bug. I'm hoping this thread will at least help other server admins with the same issue. Maybe a sticky with steps to reproduce the issue in a supported environment (link to splashdamage, steps, etc). What does Silent Mod deem 'an acceptable install'? Take for example etlegacy or etdev. Maybe even rule sticky regarding AC - which would allow forum admins to reply with the sticky URL and be done with it.
  8. A perfect example of how any noob can grab the wrong et client and get banned from silent mod (or punk buster if that was still even alive lol). http://aimbots.net/threads/26167-Release-ET-Dev-Test-client
  9. Missing textures shouldnt effect AC but it could be an indication of other issues. (incorrect et client, issues on the windows desktop layer, aimbots, wall hacks, etc). I was curious so I tried to dig up info on your player and while Pear and Apple are not easily googled due to being common names, splatter ladder does show them connecting to jaymod servers only. I cannot find him connecting as that name to any silent mod server. But this could mean he never tried until after he was AC banned (all silent servers) on your server. He also visited a trickjump server for 30 minutes and that should suggest he might know more about ET and all of its' known hacks (rshook, etc), bugs, etc. Also, what is this about? How was he able to drop med packs as an engineer? Is this something anybody can do on your server or is this something only player did? Is this a server-side cvar in say a diff mod like jaymod? Or is this a feature of et3.0 (etdev allows you to switch textures such as making all players the african american fieldops)? The real question is how is somebody who is curious about such hacks (even if they are technically not hacks) coincidentally the only person I have heard of finding such an AC bug.
  10. Your same guy has a video showing that corrupt image thing I was mentioning... Definately you can check his windows event logs for disk/ntfs corruption. Investigate where he installed the game from and how. Look at his /etmain/ folder (start->run->cmd->dir /s c:\path\to\etmain\ > mydirlist.txt). Look for suspicious files. Task manager (show all processes) and also startup tab and services to spot any unknown hooks etc. His desktop looks to retain some of the original Windows 10 icons - he may not be a computer savvy person. Again this are just ideas to keep an open mind about. At the end of the day he could very well be using cheats trolling your forums and server (these people do exist on the internet lol) Adding sysinternals for monitoring processes (not seen by task manager) https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx Your thread where he posted is dated a year ago. How was he unbanned back then to allow him to be banned again this year? Did somebody set unban # somewhere or did he circumvent the ban? What makes the incident back then comparable to this one in terms of a pattern to spot and possibly uncover the root cause (if a bug)? Same computer same et install etc? Might help you narrow down the issue.
  11. I can say that I have seen the strangest issues over the years. I know of one guy who installed et3.0 (etdev) as a client and after his windows drive/NTFS corrupted yet his game still worked but he had strange artifacts and blurry textures etc. Not the yellow/black but like a bad LCD monitor. He was able to see through certain objects even. It would crash any etjump server instantly when he would connect but it would work fine on any other mod including silentmod with ac on. Anyhow, I'm just pointing out the fact that sometimes the issue is Windows or the client of choice (always use vanilla 2.60b from splash damage - avoid legacy and dev). If it is a regular visitor and they are posting on your forums chances are they are being honest in how they see it - it does not mean cheats are not installed it may mean they dont know about them. Maybe windows is a pirate copy grabbed from IRC with back door trojans. Maybe he unknowingly installed a hack by grabbing the wrong et client. Maybe his NTFS/disk is corrupted (event logs will show it).
  12. Some noted key points from the video ... Player connected to Jaymod server without issues (does not prove he is not running a cheat) Player connects to silentmod server and is banned on detection of possible cheats Loading screen (unlike on jaymod) is loading missing (player missing custom pk3?) or replaced textures (server admins that re-use other people's custom packs sometimes leads to this) Assuming player is not cheating. Install fresh copy of game from splashdamage to a new directory. Do not install punkbuster service. When running the 1st time be sure to disable punkbuster. Delete the pb.cfg or any reference of punkbuster in the player's /etmain/ folder. Be sure to at least open game to enable profile before connecting to any server. Have the player download the map, mod and any custom pk3 files to ensure the player is ONLY using files the server is looking for on the client. This rules out any server errors like the client is not getting directed to download all the required files. Server admins usually overlook this because they have the master copy that built the server If the loading screen fails to load as before then I would investigate further. There are known hacks that can replace textures (such as replacing walls with glass in pak0.pk3). Not suggesting your friend is cheating but this might be what the AC is detecting (but I didnt write the AC so no clue what Im saying here lol). A workaround is to find his player ID# and mark it in the default.cfg (on the server under mapconfigs). Something like unban 3 If he is cheating you would be permitting it - so understand the risks.
  13. I prefer g_dmgPPSh as 18 (same as regular guns)
  14. As a rule of thumb I make a new install of wolf for each new server I join. Never had an issue with compatibility or missing textures since
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