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  1. Will pm you tonight/tomorrow got some stuff to do.
  2. dookie message me on tb and ill show you around it
  3. Anmlzd Servers are hosting some managed game servers to get started off. We will be hosting any game at with unlimited slots for just 10$ per month. If you are in need of a server contact me via pm or by skype: violentxmas Hosting: Price: 10$ Slots: Unlimited Game: Any ( excluding minecraft ) Minecraft: Price 8$ per gb of ram. Slots: Unlimited Game: Minecraft Website coming soon. Contact: Forums via pm, skype: violentxmas
  4. If you've played your own mod and just look at 1 of the screen shots you can clearly see its worth it.
  5. Users with OSX are having the same issues on my forums as well, heres one for example.. http://i.imgur.com/6zEVh1g.jpg
  6. Tell them to delete their silent mod folder and reconnect.
  7. where are you getting these 3's from 0.9.0 and 0.8.2
  8. silent mod dev team 10/10 & whats your ip ill try to connect.
  9. visuals if anything tbh, IIRC silent mod anti cheat only detected cheats on cgame init/reload. and well i highly doubt there are any cheats currently out for the mod, but its pretty easy to disable the screenshots client side. tl;dr was able to take ethbot update offsets and silent mod not even pick up on it so dont expect much. but screen shots do seem to work was able to do a simple test with r_shownormals with cvar unlocker @gaesao dont think of this as bullshit post it's true and you know it. So lets leave this one.
  10. idd half of my scripts had to be worked around was fun
  11. Purple

    !ban ?

    If I posted it public silent mods would remove the post or just ban me because its 'hack' in their eyes
  12. "IF" the silent mod dev team would be kind enough to give me a copy of it w/o subscription I could make a few quick videos on how-to's in English. or just wait till official release and I may do them then. ( have a tutorial series for silent mod i just havent finished it all yet. e.g remake of them )
  13. dont have newest version my self, but what i'm assuming is your original image files should have _silent added to the end of them IIRC: original names are camp_map.tga camp_side.tga progressbar.tga progressbar_back.tga which are located in gfx/loading/files.tga AFAIK: rename camp_map to camp_map_silent.tga Applications: Photoshop, or a more user friendly one is GIMP. but if you already have these files modified this shouldn't be needed. just need to rename them. but don't quote me on this because I don't have test access to 0.9.0.
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