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    sageone got a reaction from TheSilencerPL in [customvote]   
    see: http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Creating_Custom_Commands example: 
    [command]command  = drawboxONexec     = g_debughitboxes 1desc     = show hitboxessyntax   =levels   = 7 8 9 [command]command  = drawboxOFFexec     = g_debughitboxes 0desc     = show hitboxessyntax   =levels   = 7 8 9
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    sageone reacted to gaoesa in AC bug? Possible or not possible..   
    The mod can detect things that are loaded into the process. For example one OpenGL hack works this way, the dll is dropped to the working directory and it gets automatically loaded instead of the actual one. It doesn't really matter how such a dll ends up in to the working directory. But note that it does not detect hacks from such dll files if they are not loaded by the ET process. The working directory is only relevant here because that is where the servers can make the clients download stuff. To be honest, I don't remember if there are such hacks that can load from silent/etmain directories automatically or if it is possible to make the client download stuff to the working directory with some zip archiving hack. Usually you would want to place such proxying dll files into the directory with the ET.exe. However, it is also possible one would connect to a server with a private AC that would install some background service which could hook the ET executable everytime it is launched and could be detected by the silent mod AC.
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    sageone reacted to gaoesa in AC bug? Possible or not possible..   
    Every bug is reproducible. There are no magic things happening. It is acceptible as a bug report when you can say what changes a working case into a case that bans. If there are specific actions that lead to a ban on an install which does not otherwise give a ban, then those steps are the first thing needed. Again, the same steps work to ban always or it is not those steps that is the cause. In another case, if you can find a pk3 file that makes you get banned. There are some cheats that proxy system dll files and can be inside a pk3 file in the working directory. Server specific proxy dlls (private anti-cheat programs (or other)) are not known to cause bans when connecting to a server without them. That is because the mod is reloaded every time server or map changes. The binary that is referenced by the server is used as long as the server has the sv_pure 1 setting enabled. I'm intentionally using term "not known to". So far it has not happened on testing and such a thing has not been reported. But I can't give guarantee as I have not investigated the mod loading techniques in the engine to that level. Also, self made ET client could behave differently. In any case, it would still be reproducible.
    Everything works in a rational way and all bugs are reproducible. It is just a matter to analyze what is different and isolate the thing that is causing the ban. We can't do it on behalf of anyone. It is always good to remember that blaming a bug without actually providing any evidence for that is just an attempt to socially engineer the ban. You can compare such case to a rage botter calling admins noob when they ban him.
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    sageone reacted to gaoesa in AC bug? Possible or not possible..   
    Sounds like there was no bug back then and there is none now. Always insist a way to reproduce the issue. In case it was asked between the lines, missing textures don't affect the AC.
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    sageone reacted to RaNeR in How do I add (Spree End) to Silent...   
    I could not edit...
    I just wanted to let you all know I figured it out...
    I was easy to set up ounce I found the right information...
    Made a custom sound .wav pk3  
    Spree End by Enemy
    sound/announces/send.wavSpree End by Team Killsound/announces/sendtk.wavSpree End by Self Killsound/announces/sendsk.wavSpree End by Environmentsound/announces/sendenv.wav Then went to:g_spreeOptionsDescription Options to control the display of killingsprees.Parameters Type: bitmask   2 Enable killingspree ends    And made sure this flag was enabled... And that was all it was to it...
    The Silent staff had done all the rest of the work for me...
    As I said before I just had to figure it out...LOL
    I don't need and help on this post now...Thanks...
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    sageone reacted to Flyingdutchman in Nametags for Spectators   
    We have noticed that it makes issue of quick team switching. You must go spec, then join the other team: otherwise you get the message "Shoutcasters may not join a team" - other than that, it is very useful to spectators to know who's who: and makes for better spectating.

    FYI: We're having an event on our server Friday (all day) - come by and say hello.
    More info here:

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    sageone reacted to Flyingdutchman in Customizing of Loading Screen between Maps   
    We figured this out. It isn't very difficult, it just isn't documented anywhere.
    1.Create a .pk3 file - in this case; we'll call it IOW.pk3
    2.Within the PK3 create a the folders:
    3. Within that loading subfolder, place your modified image for the loading screen. It's basically just a 1024x1024 TGA (saved at 24 or 32 bit only). 
    The image file needs to be called:  camp_map.tga
    4. Add this PK3 to silent folder on the server.
    If that isn't clear enough, you can do this:
    /connect etforever.com
    If you connect to our server, you will download ~ETF.pk3 which contains the custom loading screen (saved to your silent folder). You can then extract that file and modify the tga within it for IOW. Once done, rename the ~ETF.pk3 to whatever you want, place it in your servers' silent folder, and it should be good to go.
    This loading screen change will only be effective on your server: which is good, it's not invasive on the core files of the game. 
    Hope this helps: post back if you have any issues.
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    sageone reacted to Purple in Customizing of Loading Screen between Maps   
    "IF" the silent mod dev team would be kind enough to give me a copy of it w/o subscription I could make a few quick videos on how-to's in English.
    or just wait till official release and I may do them then.
    ( have a tutorial series for silent mod i just havent finished it all yet. e.g remake of them
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    sageone reacted to Purple in Customizing of Loading Screen between Maps   
    dont have newest version my self, but what i'm assuming is your original image files should have _silent added to the end of them
    IIRC:  original names are camp_map.tga camp_side.tga progressbar.tga progressbar_back.tga which are located in gfx/loading/files.tga
    AFAIK: rename camp_map to camp_map_silent.tga
    Applications: Photoshop, or a more user friendly one is GIMP. but if you already have these files modified this shouldn't be needed. just need to rename them.
    but don't quote me on this because I don't have test access to 0.9.0.
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    sageone got a reaction from clan DIABOLIK in Customizing of Loading Screen between Maps   
    This was very easy to do back in the jaymod days
    I dont know the answer (yet) but here are some pointers ...
    arena files: http://magics-territory.com/et/et_info/level_designers_reference/etdocs/arenafile.html
    located in "gfx/loading/camp_map.tga" (TGA: 1024x1024 24bit)
    you can also get sagethumbs (no not my thumbs lol) for windows which will let you see the files in windows explorer
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    sageone reacted to Purple in Nametags for Spectators   
    This is based off level so admins with minimum of  level of " local ADMIN_LEVEL = 10 " will automatically be shoutcaster on the server but once you join a team limbo or not should allow you to join without having to log your self out.
    IIRC limbo just sends commands like you would do with binds e.g team r 4 3 
    ps to adapt to your admin levels just change the number in the lua script.
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    sageone reacted to Zelly in Nametags for Spectators   
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    sageone reacted to JohnDory in run/stamina settings   
    as I see it 1.0 is normal stamina recharge rate, below this it is slower and the lower the number the slower it is with 0.0 being no recharge, above 1.0 recharges faster than normal and increasing this number makes the recharge faster.
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