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  1. Brief Info: We are a Arma 3 community that like to play a mod called Arma 3 Life. This is a addon to Arma 3 that you need to roleplay on this mod is serious fun and we want you guys to come and join in the fun with us. If you wish to contact us in anyway come and join our website or talk to us in teamspeak. You dont like any of those options come and say Hi on our steam community group. We hope to see some of you soon on Cyrex so that you can come and roleplay with us and hopefully become a long term member Contact Info: Website - http://cyrexroleplay.co.uk/Teamspeak - NSGTS3.COMSteam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CyrexGamingRPOnce again we hope to see you guys soon. Thanks CyrexGaming
  2. Welcome to the forums J.Voyle :)
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