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How to download Omni-bot

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Enemy Territory

If you use ET:Legacy, it is very easy because it automatically downloads and installs Omni-bot.

You can also download ZIP package from the GitHub. You can extract it to any folder and then set omnibot_path cvar.

Most users need to download only one file omni-bot_0_90_ET.zip, which contains binaries, scripts and waypoints.

File omni-bot_0_90_ET_waypoint_mod.zip is the omnibot mod which can be used to create waypoints and goals. If you just want to play the game, it's better to install another mod (legacy, silEnT, n!tmod, Jaymod, NoQuarter, etpub, ...).

The latest development version is available in the SVN repository. You can use TortoiseSVN to checkout http://svn.assembla.com/svn/omnibot/Enemy-Territory/0.8/ If it asks for login credentials, you can enter anything (for example username: x, password: x).


Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Download file omni-bot_0_90_RTCW.zip from GitHub. It contains scripts, waypoints and binaries. It is compatible with the latest version of iortcw.


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