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Giving a goal shared by the 2 teams a role just for 1 team

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Good afternoon,


A little question regarding a goal shared by the 2 teams, but for which I'd like to give a role just for one team


For instance, a neutral CP, for which on Allied side any spawn is equidistant, but that's not the case for Axis


The idea was to give Axis a role so there's at least a bot or two having a different, closer spawn, and going for it


But, once set, the Allies basically just ignore it


Is it required to have a role on both teams in order for it to work like this?


At this point of the map, the objective is straight, so there were no roles from that point, if this is a piece of information that can interfere


Extra question:

Can I modify an existing role to 'reuse' it, like Map.Roles.ALLIES.ATTACKER3.spawnpt = 0;? IIRC I've tested or previously asked, but the old forums are gone ^^'

Or is it, like, statically loaded on map load, and then it's over?


Thank you

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You can create new custom BUILD and PLANT goals for Axis and then restrict neutral goals to Allies. But it is too much complicated. I think it would be better to set a goal range instead of role. Range is useful so that bots don't go to the goal if they are too far away from it.

Bots get roles only on map load or when they change team (if balancing is enabled) or when some bot disconnects. You can't change roles dynamically.

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