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hey everyone,


Well my server is running the version 0.5.2 of silent.


Since a while we're having some strange things that comes and goes..


1ste problem: When the map is ended, you can't chat anymore using the chat or the console..

2nd problem: when the map is ended, you can make votes for the next map. But when I press for vote my vote doesn't show up in the list..


can someone help me fixing those problems/bugs?

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  • Management

Could be caused by connection interrupts. Most likely so. The voting works so that when you press the vote, it is sent to the server and then the vote list is updated to the players by the server.


More information of these issues would be appreciated. Personally I have never experienced these sort of issues without connection interrupt.

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  • Management

Does this problem happen just before the intermission ends? In such situation the list might not get refreshed because of the transfer time as @gaoesa stated, to the server and back. Apart from that I can't see any other issue why the problem exists. Only connection issues come to my mind.

The strange thing is the chat problem. Is the game stalled? Can you press other buttons? You said that you can't write in the console so I assume that you could open it so it's not that keyboard handling by the game is a problem here.


Please upgrade to 0.6.3 and tell us if the problem still exists. We support only the latest release.

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I'm running the latest silent 0.6.3


Those issue are only during the intermission.


So when the map ends, I can't speak using the chatbox underneath the scoreboard neither using the console to chat.

Wheni want to make a vote I choose a map and then press the vote button but it looks like it's not getting pressed cause I always need to click more then once.



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Hello, I've just connected to your 2.6 server.


Yes, at intermission, when you write something  it is "randomized printing" and the button VOTE seems to be HS sometimes.


BUT what I've noticed during connection: the game has downloaded the "0.6.3 pk3" but I already have it in my silent folder (the one from my server).


  • mine is 3687 kb
  • your pk3 is 3686 kb


Why have we got two different files ? Maybe you run the H20 server on Windows ? 


I don't know if it has a relationship, or try running your server without the "clan pk3", for testing ?

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They do indeed have a file replaced in the silent 0.6.3.pk3


They replaced the Silent watermark with one of their own as far as I can see. The voting also seemed to be having an issue. Quick question for you H20, are you using LUA or non-lua qagame.mp.i386 file? If you are using the LUA file, are you sure your using the correct version of LUA on startup? I've seen that cause some strange issues on NQ that were similar.





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  • Management

@H2o-Clan, please remove the watermark modification from you pk3 file and place it in the separate pk3 file. That's how it should be done, so that you don't pollute the game with modified silent client packages. That's the 1st thing.

The 2nd thing is that you modified our logo, which is not fair towards us. Please use some other watermark that does not change our logo in anyway, which means think something out yourself.

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