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silEnT release 0.7.1


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silEnT mod version 0.7.1 is out!





Change log:


Version 0.7.1


Fixed: Spawning with non selected class bug introduced in 0.7.0.

Fixed: Enemy player positions seen by covert ops in the compass.


Version 0.7.0


Added: New rcon command dbcleanup that can be used to clean up the database records. The command includes removing duplicated or unusable records and GUID checks.

Added: New shrubbot command !teamstats that can be used to see the player kill and ratings statistics from one team.

Added: Shrubbot flags 6(does not need to specify a reason) and 8(does not need to specify a duration) now work with the !mute command.

Added: g_maxIgnoresPerMap server cvar. This controls how many times one player can ignore another player during one map and stops players from spamming others with the ignore command.

Added: g_killRating flag 8. With this flag admins can disable kill rating from the scoreboards. This does not have effect on the flag 2.

Added: Full body prediction from ETPub. g_misc flag 512. Same as ETPub g_misc 32+256. This makes it harder to get inside walls etc, but can also cause problems when proning through windows etc.

Added: Danger zones - new covert ops function/ability (read more in the documentation or here: http://mygamingtalk....silent-mod-r105)

Added: icons for popup messages (ammo, medpacks, danger zones).

Added: new flag 32768 to g_weapons cvar - causes the player that shot the tripmine (and by this killed other player) to score the kill

Improved: timerset and resettimer commands can be used during warmup

Improved: some improvements to the screen resolutions chooser.

Improved: !finger command now also displays warnings issued to the player if there are any.

Improved: compass command map drawing.

Improved: crazygravity and crazyspeed commands can be tuned by additional cvars if default values are not enough (g_min_crazyspeed, g_max_crazyspeed, g_min_crazygravity, g_max_crazygravity).

Fixed: When banning from team damage, only using shrubbot bans without specifying the kick time.

Fixed: Some command map icons were missing when in spectator team.

Fixed: When switching from rifle to another weapon too fast after firing the grenade and switching back to the rifle, the weapon was in the alternate mode but without loaded grenade.

Fixed: Many prediction errors. Including double dropping the panzer shell after shot.

Fixed: Players can no longer select classes that are not available in the limbo menu.

Fixed: Only real characters allowed in names.

Fixed: If the selected weapon is not available for next spawn, the class command will not change the class.

Fixed: The condition with g_classWeapons settings and weapon limitations that caused players to get kicked from the server when clicking the team button.

Fixed: Bug in the handling of g_spectator flag 1. Players were able to enter opponent players after all teammates were dead.

Fixed: Client crashes related to cg_gun_frame being set.

Fixed: !subnets command was printing itself as showsbans instead of subnets.

Fixed: Reading subnet bans with full octets and treating them as partial. Also writing them as partial on next shrubbot write.

Fixed: g_classWeapons too restrictive, couldn't pick up enemy SMGs from the ground.

Fixed: g_classWeapons with g_mode. When g_mode was set to 8 Thompson and MP40 couldn't be picked up by coverts.

Fixed: command map entities were not removed on team switch/disconnect. Concerned: landmines, trip mines, danger zone markers.






silEnT mod team


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