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Server problems.

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Hi there!


I am having some problems with my server. 

When some random person connects, it takes a while to connect and after a minute of 2, the person disconnects direct.

i have a log file of this action and it says:


Console log:


Userinfo: \g_password\none\cl_guid\unknown\cl_wwwDownload\1\name\ALEX\rate\4000\snaps\20\cl_anonymous\0
clientDownload: 1 : beginning "etpub/z_Classicks-Soundpack.pk3"
Server log:
795:30 ClientConnect: 1
795:30 Userinfo: \g_password\none\cl_guid\unknown\cl_wwwDownload\1\name\ALEX\rate\5000\snaps\20\cl_anonymous\0\cl_punkbuster\0
795:30 ClientUserinfoChanged: 1 n\ALEX\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\0\uci\67\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0
795:32 etpub popup: allies planted "Tank Barrier #1"
795:39 Kill: 2 0 42: ^7Jan Opreij killed ^9Cls^ax^7.^aZ^9ero^a0 by MOD_KAR98
795:42 Userinfo: \g_password\none\cl_guid\unknown\cl_wwwDownload\1\name\ALEX\rate\4000\snaps\20
Don't know why it takes so long to connect, because i have a redirect.




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yeah i will try, but its strange.

like sometimes its really fast (1 or 2 mb/s) and sometimes its 10kb/s....


That's because it's shared overloaded redirect. They are probably on shared 100Mbps port. i.e. 12.5MB/s. Now if their are 30 players downloading from same redirect at same time.... u can easily do maths... I am sure they might be sharing same redirect within 10-20 servers... or else it would never go to 10Kb/s


In internet world good stuff is never cheap. 

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I'd recommend checking out dedicated server hosting first. I've used gameservers.com in the past as both a redirect and a game host.They are decent for the most part but generally overpriced for what you get. I also had a period of time where the server I was on got constantly flooded and crapped out. Its one of the reasons why I switched over to dedicated hosting. They use better hardware and I've had very few issues.

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