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Moving a Server to a New IP


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I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knows if it is possible in ET/silEnT to put some sort of notification and redirect on the server, so that players can be directed to a new IP address?   I seem to remember that being possible, like when someone tries to connect, they get a message telling them the IP has changed and they can click a button to go to the new IP address.



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If you own both IPs (and will continue to own them), you could just redirect the IP itsself outside of ET?


If not, then your solution sounds pretty good.. I wouldn't use redirect though because then people who may /connect manually via console will rely on it then once it's gone, wont find your server.. (Does anyone still use the serverlist?)

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Could this be done by setting the number of slots to 0, then utilizing these server cvars:

set sv_fullmsg "Server has moved to xx.xx.xx.xx"

or maybe?

set sv_fullmsg "ET://host.to.redirect.to:port"



If you have 2.55 client it simply displays a message, but with 2.60b it will try to redirect you.


Try to set your slots to 0 and put this to your server.cfg on your old server


set sv_fullMSG "et://x.x.x.x.:27960"


(X.X.X.X and 27960 are IP/Port of your new server)


If this doesn't work try setting your old server slots to 1 or 2 and fill it with omni-bots to make it full.


Ofc clients need to have set ui_autoredirect 1 in their config.


It should work I guess, if not you should try to contact any of the administrators using redirection (maybe someone will share his script?).

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I have a domain, that will be updated indeed.   I just don't know how favorite servers are saved in the game, in xfire or whatever other clients people use.   I would presume those store things as IPs, but perhaps not.


Thanks for the tips.  I'll post some update in this thread when we do move and share my experiences.

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