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ET AMP is a server sided lua modification for wolfenstein enemy territory. ET AMP brings you multiadministration functionality on the go. ET amp offers many features and custom optimization for every servers need.




Auto Team balance~

Auto team balance makes sure that weather there is a admin online or offline teams will be even and fair for players!


Connect info~

Connect info gives various information about a player when they connect to the server such as their location and their client version.



Ammo4u allows you to edit the amount of ammo inside of each weapon giving you full customization to every weapon.



Xp4level allows you to give players admin levels based off how much xp they have on your server.


ETA rate~

ETA Rate is a custom stats list based off a calculation of kills, deaths and xp aquired to give each player a skill rating



ETA stats are players global stats that are uploaded to a database online then show to a webpage via php allowing each user to see their total ammount of kills deaths xp and more.



ETA key is a custom server sided guid to make sure weather player looses their Silent.dat/etkey/nguid they will continue to have their xp and admin levels.



ETA IRC will alow you to see everything being said on your server on a irc server. 



ETA Donate will allow you to set custom affixes/suffixes to players that have donated to your server. e.g ( [DONATOR]DRI*VJ* )



ETA mail allows you to send a message to a player wheather they are online or offline. 



ETA PANEL is a php panel for server administrators and moderators allowing you to have remote access to your server.

Features included:

Send custom commands from php

See server logs (pm, say, say_team, say_teamnl)

See server console via ETA IRC

See server information such as players online, names, and ETA RATE



These are some of the basics of what ETA is offering to the ET community. I got the idea for ENHMOD for jaymod which didn't support othere mods. If you are interested in having this on your server and or beta testing it when it comes out please fill out this small application.




Server name:

server ip: 

Why ETA?:



( will add pictures and stuff in the future, if you are interested in contributing to this project please pm me)

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