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Map voting stats.. a couple questions

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1) Is there a way to display the number of times the maps on the server have been voted for?


This would be helpful in identifying maps that are the least popular so they can be replaced.


I see them on the screen during intermission if I click on a map, but that is cumbersome.


2) Is there any way to reset those stats?



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1. Check under database folder. File name: mapvoteinfo.cfg


Example of map vote data:

name             = warbell
times_played     = 376
last_played      = 44
total_votes      = 20706
vote_eligible    = 51698

2. Empty out that file and all vote info stored would be gone. So you will start from fresh. 

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I know BestAnswer is done, but I am concerned as roissgil and all server admins by these fundamental questions  :)  



So, when you use et.splatterladder.com to watch your server, you're on 'Server Status' page.

Now click on 'Mappool' page: all the maps played in last 7 days with various statistics columns.

And you know what ? I've asked longtime ago to SL to make columns-headers clikable to sort ascending/descending ... and they did it xD


So, you can browse all your maps, and sort them by :

  • Map name
  • Average Time of a game
  • Proportional Time (in %)
  • Games number
  • Last Seen in hours (disappear after 7 days without played)


In database-modeling, these are called 'fine grained' informations  B)


I hope it'll be useful



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