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  1. yes.. I was talking about server side... sorry I wasn't clear. I just replaced a bunch of stuff and now censoring is working. Thanks
  2. We noticed the censor not working. I downloaded 0.9.0 again, but the pk3 is exactly the same size as my current one, and is dated Sept 18. Is that the right one???
  3. OK.. so I have one guy who still can't connect. the other guy ran his game as administrator and that fixed him. The guy who still can't connect is on a Mac. He was able to connect to an ETPub server, and was able to connect to our server before I updated to 0.9.0. He has deleted his silent folder completely, and still can't join. Here are the answers to the questions I posed him.... 1) are you using ET Legacy? No 2) what OS you are on? Mac 10.6.8 3) can you connect to any other 0.9.0 server? No 4) do you have the silent-0.9.0.pk3 in your silent folder? Yes 5) what does the console say after you try to connect? There's no console notation, the game closes. Then there's a loooong string of stuff that includes everything about my computer and the game. So, seems like a Silent issue with Mac ? Help?
  4. I get what you're saying, but I think it's more than coincidence that I have 3 people who connected fine to our server before I put up 0.9.0 and now they can't. I'm checking with them on what OS, client (ET:L or not) and anything else they can tell me.
  5. I deleted my silent folder. Replaced with the silent folder I downloaded. But replaced shrubbot and database folder with backed up version (to maintain xp and history). On the server, that is.
  6. I have several folks who can't connect to our server... or any 0.9.0 server. They get a message about impure client. They were fine before I updated the server. Any ideas?
  7. What might we expect to catch on SS in 0.9.0 that AC won't catch? Curious.
  8. I am still experiencing the problem of starting with single pistol. Also, after I manually switch to dual, it will switch back to single sometimes. I am running the most recent version. Any ideas?
  9. 1) Is there a way to display the number of times the maps on the server have been voted for? This would be helpful in identifying maps that are the least popular so they can be replaced. I see them on the screen during intermission if I click on a map, but that is cumbersome. 2) Is there any way to reset those stats? Thanks
  10. dump to file the userdb? I can do !userlist , but if I have 100 pages, I have to do it 100 times, then condump. it would be nice... I'm a spreadsheet type person. lol
  11. roissgil


    So I read that !balance and ATB was purposely disabled. What are folks using in place of !balance? I'd like something that mimics the behavior of the ETPub !balance. Any lua scripts that do that? I've found some that move the last player that died, but that's not that appealing.....
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