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TheSilencerPL and authors modification:

Add the for modification silEnT "New Weapons" for better game. :)

"New Weapons" - between others:

- Venom Gun;    http://iv.pl/images/47120610135795856780.jpg

- Bar;                 http://iv.pl/images/49557278833138653401.jpg

- Shotgun;          http://iv.pl/images/03962499425263572481.jpg

- Mobile Browning (MG42) - skin allies team; http://iv.pl/images/78528455787395690887.jpg

- Sturmgewehr MP44; http://iv.pl/images/38423878991310355868.jpg

- MP34;                       http://iv.pl/images/53970344691573859569.jpg

- Bazooka - skin allies team (no panzerfaust);http://iv.pl/images/14179875655686374556.jpg

- Tesla Gun; http://iv.pl/images/28423502968391989077.jpg


Adding files weapons, sounds, weap and weaponscard03.tga.

How something is missing please write. Please consider the idea.

Thank you!!! =ZT=

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Although the shotgun and Venom Gun? After a long playing in this fashion, boring game. More fun it would be.

NQ-baked many mistakes. It's not what Silent, you do not need me to talk a lot.

These weapons are out of modification Bobot.

After all, you will be able at any moment turn off and on by cfg.

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