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Dead Island

New Techland production.

Work on Dead Island is going on since 2006. From that time however the game changed a lot. There are zombies in it but...
When Techland showed the Dead Island for the first time, in 2006, it seemed that it would be the thoughtless shooter with zombies as the only attraction. After last presentations and informations it is now clear that it is something completely different. The game is not thoughtless and it's not even a shooter.

Dead Island after the transformation is a zombie slasher from the FPS perspective and with RPG elements. Sounds complicated? Let me explain - zombie, because there are zombies. Slasher, because zombies are killed mainly with the fire weapons. FPS perspective, because.. well you know. And RPG elements, because the main characters can be developed, and moreover, the crafting appears. Now it does not sound complicated, does it? It sounds interesting, doesn't it?

In Dead Island there will be four characters. All, at the beginning complete strangers to each other, meet on the fiction island Banoi, located near Papua New Guinea. Soon the circumstances will unite them - inhabitants of that beautiful seaside resort will loose theirs lives to get it back later as zombies, and those who survived will have to fight for their lives.
Mentioned Banoi island can be visited rather freely, rather like in RPG game and not like in a shooter.

The plot is going to be intriguing but that what is going to happen between one and another culmination moment depends mainly on the player actions. The tasks which are going to be completed will be in most cases marginal and optional - player could do them and gain the experience points and new equipment but at the same time he/she could ignore them and focus on the main plot. There will be over 200 tasks in total. There will be four characters to choose from.

In addition to the single player mode there will be also the cooperation mode for even four characters.

Dead Island is to be released this year, but closer to the end of it rather than the middle of it.

For now we are left to enjoy the trailer (below) and wait for further informations.

Here is the trailer: