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ET Forever 2.70

ETF 2.70 (ETForever)

daz2007 have Build a New Version of ET. that Merges Bugs from ETXreal and IOquake and some other minor Changes, but without the added Xreal Renderer.

Change log

Added AABB collision optimisation from IOquake3 (FPS Speed-up)
Added zlib Library and FS_Seek For Faster PK3 Loading
Small Fix in the Vanilla Renderer with Alpha Textures
Added Mouse Acceleration from IOquake
Improvements to the Vanilla Renderer
added r_mode "11" for 720HD and r_mode "12" for 1080HD
changed R_customwidth/R_customheight to "R_width" and "R_height"
Implanted "Which" Command from IOQuake
Removed Usless BOT Cvars from the Console e.g. Bot_developer/Bot_minplayers
ATI Skybox Fix (ioquake3)

(Requires new ET Keys "ETFkey" ) 
added unique Server GUID from IOquake3

Increased the Limit of CL_Maxpackets to 125
Increase Default com_hunkmegs to 96MB 

This Build Works only on Servers that have no Punkbuster

download link: http://www.2shared.c...0qWvXB/ETF.html

Source: Splashdamage forums.