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silEnT release 0.3.3

Here is silEnT mod 0.3.3

Download: http://mygamingtalk....nt-release-033/

There wasn't 0.3.2 public release, so 0.3.3 covers also things done in 0.3.2.

Here is the change log:

Version 0.3.3

  • Fixed alternative fire bug introduced in 0.3.2.

Version 0.3.2

  • Readded class awards. They should work now correctly with XP save.
  • Added possibility for server admins to enable teamhit sounds.
  • Added flag 8 to g_identOptions. Actions taken based on client identifications are reported in the adminchat.
  • Added default silEnT watermark.
  • Fixed bug with missing hitsounds (http://mygamingtalk....my-with-mortar/).
  • Fixed bug with class stealing (http://mygamingtalk....-change-weapon/).
  • Fixed bug with soldier secondary weapon changing to akimbos.
  • Fixed throw last knife bug (http://mygamingtalk..../587-knife-bug/).
  • Fixed fireteam overlay bug.
  • Fixed server list server name filter bug/crash.
  • Fixed bug with say_teamnl command that allowed muted players to write in team chat (http://mygamingtalk....-muted-players/).
  • Fixed bug with g_classWeapons cvar (http://mygamingtalk....g-classweapons/).
  • Fixed bug in the TDM timebar.
  • Fixed some bugs with the win probabilities. Not in algorithms, but with the calls to calculate them.
  • Removed Active Team Balance.
  • Removed g_teamForceBalance_playerrating.
  • Removed !balance admin command.
  • The g_XPSave flag 8 will no longer kick guidless players for duplicates.
  • The !howfair command now uses K/D determining fairness.
  • Possibilities for invalid kicks for spoofed client identification reduced.
Download: http://mygamingtalk....nt-release-033/


Good job team ;)
We forgot to post this earlier. However, this is for admins that have used earlier versions of the silEnT mod.

If you have following cvars in your server config, please remove them. They are no longer used.
* g_ATB
* g_ATB_diff
* g_ATB_swap
* g_ATB_offtime
* g_ATB_rating
* g_teamForceBalance_playerrating

Also, you may be interested of the flag 8 of the g_identOptions. If you want to inform admins through adminchat of any drops based on client idents, set this.
Some news about mod?
Stay tuned and don't worry. We are working on the next version :)
Sure, I will :rolleyes:
I tryed to download it with;
Wndows XP-Pro, IE8.

And it gives a failer on downloading it.
Download in this section dont work.

The download from this page work: http://mygamingtalk....d/1-silent-mod/
But the download has a bit of a strange name: silent-0%2e3%2e3

The download in this page has a file size of: 4.55MB

From the other page the size is: 5.17MB
The other one is bit bigger because it also includes geoip.dat inside it.

For me it's same name. Tosu, what browser do you use?

For me it's same name. Tosu, what browser do you use?

look at post nr. 7

Regards, Tosa
Can you trying deleting your browser cache and see if it's working or not?
Only one thing I miss in this mode, it is also possible that just I can not find: the camera scripting.
I am the one who can not find or is not already in this mode?

Otherwise is very good one, I like the fact that I can finally write accented letters while I playing.

Anyway I have already one Hungarian translation, which is about 70% ready, it might solve it possible to switch in the game the language?

Can you trying deleting your browser cache and see if it's working or not?

Nope, it still don't work.

The other one is bit bigger because it also includes geoip.dat inside it.

For me it's same name. Tosu, what browser do you use?

The second link works but when i unzip it its named like this:
Let's do remote desktop over the weekend because on my IE 8, I tried like 5 times and it's working for me.

On my job PC I use IE 8 and at home IE 9. On both ones it works perfectly fine for me. I need to view in live to see what's wrong because I can't fix something which I can't recreate. May be somewhere my IE 8 settings are different.
What operating system do you use?

I use; Windows XP-Pro 32 bit, for the download.

I shall try it with my laptop, thats; Windows7 Home Edition, with ie9.

For me it seams like the download is not completed.
From the other page it works, but it gets a strange name.

Wouldn't it be easier to try to download with firefox or chrome?
I tryed it with my laptop;
Windows7 Home Edition, with ie9.
And that works. From both pages.

My internet antivirus don't work together with Firefox.
But, i tryed that and it works on firefox.
So it looks like your download is not compatible with; Windows XP-Pro sp3, 32bit, IE8.

I also tryed it at a different pc with same XP-Pro 32 bit on ie8, and the download on this page also fails.

;) maybe you should try install: Windows XP-Pro sp3, 32bit, IE8. And test if your download works.
Because i still find it funny i can download it form that other page.

No harm ment, or no intention to be rude.
Ok got my new pc working.

The download is fine on Win7 Ultimate, ie 9.
Don't tell you use Internet Explorer :blink:

Don't tell you use Internet Explorer :blink:

yep i do, for years, i dont like the fonts Firefox uses, and how it works.