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silEnT release 0.2.1

Here is the silEnT mod 0.2.1.

Download link:: http://mygamingtalk....nt-release-021/

We implemented almost all if not all community requests, added new functionalities/features and fixed bugs that were found.

Change log due to 0.2.0:

Version 0.2.1
  • Added: !usersearch shrubbot command. This command can search user database for name, level and ip address.
  • Added: Breath bar when underwater.
  • Added: Backward following in spec mode.
  • Added: Following Fire Team members in spec in regard to followFT client cvar.
  • Added: Muted player indicator in scoreboard.
  • Added: New placeholder '?' to custom commands. When this is given with numerical placeholder, the parameter is then seen as partial name and will be replaced with the real player name if only one name matches the pattern.
  • Added: The vote menu during intermission displays the top 3 vote winning maps with colors.
  • Added: Muted players can't send private messages or chat in adminchat.
  • Reworked: Shortcuts. Fixes a bug in them and gives better performance.
  • Reworked: Knife throw headshot. Thrown knife triggers now a headshot sound when hitting to the opponent's head.
  • Reworked: Grenades can't be thrown underwater from now on.
  • Reworked: Forcecvar. Players can't lag out forcecvar commands anymore.
  • Reworked: Icons shown over player's head - now possible multiple icons.
  • Fixed: Center print priorities. The previous kill no longer blocks the health info.
  • Fixed: Tripmines energy cost bug (charge time). Now it behaves the same way as for landmines.
  • Fixed: Tripmine arming bug which allowed to exceed team tripmines limit.
  • Fixed: Knives can be thrown underwater (bug #20).
  • Fixed: Defect #16: knives bounce off enemies.
  • Fixed: The client side shrubbot commands now work also in console.
  • Fixed: Intermission chat can now handle extended ASCII and also commands in the same way as other chats.
  • Removed: G_tactics.
Download link:: http://mygamingtalk....nt-release-021/