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silEnT release 0.3.0

We proudly announce the silEnT Enemy Territory mod 0.3.0.

Download link: http://mygamingtalk....nt-release-030/

We worked hard for it to become what it is in 0.3.0 version.
We made many things server side as well as client side.

To cut the story short, here are top things in 0.3.0 release:
  • new database version
  • hardware based identification
  • new game type: Team Death Match
  • shrubbot improvements
  • new landmine notifications
  • new ppsh model
  • weapon banks display
Traditionally, here is the change log (0.3.0):
  • Added: weapon banks shown during weapon change - incorporated into HUD editor (introduced new client cvars for this: cg_wbShowDuration, cg_wbOrientation, cg_wbWideSlots)
  • Fixed: defect with following FT (killed player was picked when he/she was the FT leader - but next FT member should be picked)
  • Improved the database performance.
  • Added new command !baninfo.
  • Removed cg_damageKick client cvar.
  • Reworked cg_hitSounds client cvar. Now a new option play only headshots is available
  • Added: New server cvar g_punkbuster. Server that don't have punkbuster enbaled can still force clients enabling punkbuster for them to have GUIDs. This does not guarantee that every player will have a GUID but if the player has it, it will be sent to the server.
  • Added: warmup countdown (last 3 seconds). Can be turned off by setting cg_showCountDown client cvar to "0"
  • Added: g_classWeapons server cvar. Enables weapons per class (so far only PPSh is handled)
  • Changed: allied tripmine beam color changed to blue
  • Added: Muted players can't call votes.
  • Added: New command !readadmins.
  • Added: separate meaning of death for shoving to death (enemy killing and team killing supported)
  • Added: new type of revealed landmines notifications (cg_landmineNotifyType client cvar and g_landmineNotifyType server cvar provided for this)
  • Added new command !resetpls that reset individual player stats leaving XP save untouched. There has been some cases when the stats have bugged and this is an easy command for admins to correct such stats.
  • Players can customise the announcements and even disable them if they like.
  • Added possibility for First Blood sound for server admins.
  • Fixed headshots from proned players.
  • Added: silEnT mod icon displayed on loading screen
  • Added: new PPSH weapon model and enhanced the weapon overall (sounds)
  • Fixed: follow Fire Team bug with spec not switching outside of FT for "FT first" option.
  • Fixed: spectator follow bug: SPACE + RMB caused wrong behavior.
  • pmove_fixed is now recognised by the server if the players set it.
  • Added new shrubbot flag '/' that will disables private messages from levels or individual players.
  • Fixed !useredit add command. Before the command checked only valid command flags were added. Now it accepts any flags.
  • Added kills/deaths/spree counters hud display managed by cg_killsDisplay cvar.
  • Added: predefined HUDs can be now chosen from the HUD configuration menu
  • Added: new predefined HUDs: etpro, etpro2 (thanks to Dragon)
  • Fixed: in chat after every map players' pings are very weird (http://mygamingtalk....c/437-big-ping/)
  • Added: new game type: Team Death Match (easy to be configured server side and client side)
  • Added: when alternate HUD is chosen with compass in the lower part of the screen the compass slides out to bottom.

Download link: http://mygamingtalk....nt-release-030/