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AMD Catalyst™ 12.4 Windows Update Released

Apr 28 2012 12:11 PM | hellreturn in Technology

AMD Catalyst 12.4 Windows update is released: NEW FEATURES Windows XP support for the AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series, AMD Radeon HD 7800, and AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series - In addition to Windows 7 and Windows Vista support, Catalyst 12.4 now also introduces...

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Cyber attack hits Governments, IOC and UN

Aug 03 2011 07:07 PM | hellreturn in Technology

IT security firm McAfee claims to have uncovered one of the largest ever series of cyber attacks. It lists 72 different organisations that were targeted over five years, including the International Olympic Committee, the UN and security firms. McAfee...

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Google promises to speed up websites!

Jul 30 2011 10:31 PM | Dragonji in Technology

Google launched a new service on Thursday that can automatically speed up a website's page load times. That's a good thing, as separate studies from Google and Aberdeen Group have shown faster-loading sites boost customer satisfaction and ad re...

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Li-Fi - an alternative for Wi-Fi?

Jul 29 2011 04:18 PM | Dragonji in Technology

Visible light communication (VLC) or simply "Li-Fi" uses rapid pulses of light to transmit information wirelessly. Now, with a new generation of high-brightness light-emitting diodes, it may be ready to compete with conventional Wi-Fi. VLC enc...

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Google revises Google+ naming policy

Jul 26 2011 07:29 PM | hellreturn in Technology

After banning many Google+ accounts over the weekend that they assumed weren't using real names, Google offers an explanation and some work arounds. The latest and fastest growing social media network has a strict policy to use their first and last...

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Google+ iPhone app now available

Jul 20 2011 06:12 PM | hellreturn in Technology

We've been playing around with Google+ for a few weeks now, but until today the mobile options for the iPhone owners among us were limited to a clunky phone browser version of the G+ website. Today that changes with the launch of the official Googl...

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Apple made Lion OS X too much like iPhone, iPad?

Jul 20 2011 06:05 PM | hellreturn in Technology

The newest version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system is finally here, and Lion has brought with it both minor tweaks and some big changes, but is it all for the better? Apple's iPhone and iPad lines have been selling at a rate that puts hotc...

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