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Firefox Version 5 Released with few improvements

Our old favorite browser just got some updates, Firefox 5 is released on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

It's the first release of Firefox's new three-month rapid release development cycle, in which the user can get new features, updates, and bug fixes faster than ever before.

Although there are only small updates, and it looks like it cannot make any difference, well, think again. This small features really matters when combined together, they make a really significant change.

Some changes maybe useful for other users while some might not think so, for example, the adopted feature from Google Chrome in which the tabs stay the same size when closing them. Normally when you have a ton of tabs open and then you close one, the other tabs will expand to fill the space that the closed one had occupied. Now, it only does resize when your mouse leave the tab bar, so you can close consecutive tabs easily without moving your mouse.

Some great features added are:
  • Support for CSS animation that lets page elements move around the screen. It's very useful to make web pages and web apps more dynamic.
  • Do-Not-Track on Andriod, Mozilla created the Do-Not-Track feature to let users have control on how their browsing behavior is tracked and used on the web.
  • Firefox new add-on SDK now lets developers build extensions with the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This will make extensions easier to write and improve compatibility over the next versions of Firefox.
  • Increased speed
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed security issues

The internet is changing in a fast paced cycle, so browsers need to catch up with the growing needs of the users. This update indicates that Firefox is not falling behind of the browser wars, it still got some trump cards under its sleeves.