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    Disappearing bodies

    Posted 11 Feb 2015

    If a player model is during "falling to the ground" animation (see https://www.youtube....h?v=HZm41UYz76Y) and gets a high amount of damage (eg. a shot from Panzerfaust), the body just disappears, gibs are not present.

    g_spectatorInactivity divides set value

    Posted 10 Feb 2015

    g_spectatorInactivity divides set time by 2, eg. if I set it to 40, clients will be dropped after 20 seconds.

    Random crashes on 2.55 (client)

    Posted 8 Feb 2015

    The issue is really weird. The game sometimes crashes and sometimes not, there are no exact steps to reproduce it. I installed a fresh ET 2.55 to make further tests and what I noticed is:
    • Crashes happen randomly right after I join a server.
    • If I connect to a server and won't crash during the first 30-60 seconds I am on the server, I will not crash at all.
    • If I reconnect right after the crash, it will crash again and again, to make playing possible it is required to restart the game.
    • These are not crashes of whole game. All I get are "kicks" with "-8<------- Crash Information ------->8-" message, nothing more is present.
    • The only information that silent_crash.log file contains is "-8<------- Crash Information ------->8-".
    I tried a few servers, it was present on all of them.

    Stretched "Connection Interrupted"

    Posted 1 Feb 2015

    "Connection Interrupted" text and associated icon are stretched in widescreen resolutions. See attachment.

    Polls limit is too high

    Posted 1 Feb 2015

    Polls allow too long strings. See attachment.