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  1. Hi all, I love your 'mod' , for me it is the best If no , ok since any months we have been enough informed by advance that the 'menus' in game can't be modified in '0.9.0' but i don't understand the reasons , for my part i guess i don't understand cause the language barrier...or i'm afraid to have understood I have to say as well i don't understand because since the start i feel your 'menus' with none originality and finally i feel them ugly (i mean all that only about disposition)...all that goes to be imposed it is that ? Really ? I say it because by exemple in my custom menus (in 0.8.2) there is already '1 button' for all the options and since any years and a nice dispositon as well... http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/827115evenmysons.gif If unfortunaly i have well understood , know that even if the 'AC' has been updated in '0.9.0' => For my part for the moment i keep '0.8.2' who works perfectly since the start Again thanks for your hard work , since i run 'silent' u have really changed my life of admin !!
  2. Welcome to the forums COOLSQUAD :)
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