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    Console log

    Howdy Ray, I use ETsnitch to view logs, but instead of using the ETconsole.log, try using the games_mp.log instead. I'm using ETsnitch v1.5.0 which I believe is the latest. Give that a shot if you haven't already.
  2. How an incremental release should look. Majority of bug fixes, a little fine tuning and a little new content to boot. Very nice.
  3. Not. Ba-ba-ba-ba-bad. Sorry. I couldn't resist.
  4. I also think this would be a great thing to have, but I can't even begin to imagine the time and cost to implement it. Also I distinctly remember having lag spikes on servers that had pbss enabled. I could tell every time a SS was taken just by the spikes on my lagometer. I think a good followup question would be, who would be willing to donate to keep a database server running full time to keep this viable. If this is doable at a reasonable cost of time and money, it would be a fantastic thing to have.
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply Gaosea. I'm not sure if perhaps you got me confused with someone else. We have never run enhanced mod with Silent. We're running ET 3.00, ver 0.6.7. 1. Ah, very nice. I thought this might be the case but wasn't 100%. Thank you for clarifying that. 2. PM sent regarding this 3. I'm not sure what I should check. When I first started having this issue I tried using the sample mapvotecycle.cfg and just ended up keeping it and changing a few maps in the rotation from time to time. Right now I'm currently using the sample cfg that's provided with. It probably is a cfg issue that I've just overlooking but I haven't been able to find it. Here's what I'm using at the moment. Mapvotecycle.cfg // silEnT mod - Sample MapVote cycle file // Each map in this map order is executed whenever there are no votes for a map, // otherwise, the map that gets the most votes for is played set d1 "set g_gametype 6 ; map oasis ; set nextmap vstr d2" set d2 "set g_gametype 6 ; map battery ; set nextmap vstr d3" set d3 "set g_gametype 6 ; map goldrush ; set nextmap vstr d4" set d4 "set g_gametype 6 ; map radar ; set nextmap vstr d5" set d5 "set g_gametype 6 ; map railgun ; set nextmap vstr d6" set d6 "set g_gametype 6 ; map fueldump ; set nextmap vstr d1" vstr d1 Server.cfg // Map voting set g_gametype 6 set g_mapVoteFlags 21 set g_maxMapsVotedFor 18 set g_minMapAge 3 set g_resetXPMapCount 0 exec mapvotecycle.cfg set com_watchdog 60 set com_watchdog_cmd "exec mapvotecycle.cfg" //exec objectivecycle.cfg
  6. Howdy guys, Been having some issues for a bit that I've tried figuring out some alternative other than a complete reinstall. I figured I'd admit defeat and let some more knowledgable minds give it a shot. I'll try to make the issues as succint as possible. 1. I have more than one userdb.db and userx.db i.e. userdb_v02.db, userdb_03.db etc. 2. My aliases list will suddenly become corrupted. 3. Upon restarting the server. The server will restart itself and then unless I manually exec the mapvotecycle.cfg afterwards, the mapvotecycle.cfg does not rotate to the next map in the cycle. So what do you think? Some Logs: 11:37:14 ------------------------------------------------------------ 11:37:14 InitGame: \omnibot_playing\0\mod_url\http://mygamingtalk.com/\mod_version\0.8.1\g_maxlivesRespawnPenalty\0\voteFlags\0\g_balancedteams\0\g_maxGameClients\0\g_bluelimbotime\20000\g_redlimbotime\30000\gamename\silEnT\g_antilagDelay\0\omnibot_enable\1\g_tyranny\1\g_damageXPLevel\50\g_damageXP\0\g_maxConnsPerIP\2\g_heavyWeaponRestriction\100\sv_sac\1\g_gametype\6\g_antilag\1\g_voteFlags\0\g_alliedmaxlives\0\g_axismaxlives\0\g_minGameClients\0\g_needpass\0\g_maxlives\0\g_friendlyFire\0\sv_allowAnonymous\0\sv_floodProtect\1\sv_maxPing\0\sv_minPing\0\sv_maxRate\32000\sv_hostname\^3Clan^4555^2|^*Silent XPSave\mapname\goldrush\protocol\84\timelimit\0\version\ET 3.00 - TB 0.6.7 - 2.60b compatible linux-i386\sv_privateclients\2\sv_maxclients\20 11:37:14 Start of warmup. 11:37:14 Execing default.cfg mapconfig for 0 players. 11:37:14 * Execed total of 24 commands from the config file. 11:37:14 Execing goldrush.cfg mapconfig for 0 players. 11:37:14 * Execed total of 1 command from the config file. 11:37:14 *=====INITIALISING USER DATABASE 11:37:14 * Opening user database file userdb.db. 11:37:14 * Opening user database file userxdb.db. 11:37:14 * User database files open. Caching database. 11:37:14 675 players cached from the user database. 11:37:14 8 records cached from the additional user info files. 11:37:14 * Reading aliases database. 11:37:14 Database file is corrupted and can not be used. 11:37:14 *=====DATABASE READY FOR USE 11:37:14 Lua API: Loading rules.lua 11:37:14 Lua API: Loading rspree.lua 11:37:22 ClientConnect: 1 11:37:22 Userinfo: \name\^iThor\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\OMNIBOT0100000000000000000000000\sil_guid\OMNIBOT0100000000000000000000000:2\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0 11:37:22 ClientUserinfoChanged: 1 n\^iThor\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:22 ClientUserinfoChanged: 1 n\^iThor\t\2\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\8\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:22 ClientUserinfoChanged: 1 n\^iThor\t\2\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\8\lw\8\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:22 ClientBegin: 1 11:37:22 ClientUserinfoChanged: 1 n\^iThor\t\2\c\2\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\39\lw\39\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\2\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:24 ClientConnect: 2 11:37:24 Userinfo: \name\^7Halfbaked\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\OMNIBOT0200000000000000000000000\sil_guid\OMNIBOT0200000000000000000000000:2\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0 11:37:24 ClientUserinfoChanged: 2 n\^7Halfbaked\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:24 ClientUserinfoChanged: 2 n\^7Halfbaked\t\1\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\39\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:24 ClientUserinfoChanged: 2 n\^7Halfbaked\t\1\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\39\lw\39\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:24 ClientBegin: 2 11:37:24 ClientUserinfoChanged: 2 n\^7Halfbaked\t\1\c\2\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\3\lw\3\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\2\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:26 ClientConnect: 3 11:37:26 Userinfo: \name\^7Morgan\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\OMNIBOT0300000000000000000000000\sil_guid\OMNIBOT0300000000000000000000000:2\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0 11:37:26 ClientUserinfoChanged: 3 n\^7Morgan\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:26 ClientUserinfoChanged: 3 n\^7Morgan\t\2\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\6\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:26 ClientUserinfoChanged: 3 n\^7Morgan\t\2\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\6\lw\6\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:26 ClientBegin: 3 11:37:26 ClientUserinfoChanged: 3 n\^7Morgan\t\2\c\2\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\24\lw\24\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\2\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:28 ClientConnect: 4 11:37:28 Userinfo: \name\^7Stinger\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\OMNIBOT0400000000000000000000000\sil_guid\OMNIBOT0400000000000000000000000:2\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0 11:37:28 ClientUserinfoChanged: 4 n\^7Stinger\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:28 ClientUserinfoChanged: 4 n\^7Stinger\t\1\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\3\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:28 ClientUserinfoChanged: 4 n\^7Stinger\t\1\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\3\lw\3\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:28 ClientBegin: 4 11:37:28 ClientUserinfoChanged: 4 n\^7Stinger\t\1\c\2\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\39\lw\39\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\2\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:30 ClientConnect: 5 11:37:30 Userinfo: \name\^7Brohn\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\OMNIBOT0500000000000000000000000\sil_guid\OMNIBOT0500000000000000000000000:2\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0 11:37:30 ClientUserinfoChanged: 5 n\^7Brohn\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:30 ClientUserinfoChanged: 5 n\^7Brohn\t\2\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\8\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:30 ClientUserinfoChanged: 5 n\^7Brohn\t\2\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\8\lw\8\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:30 ClientBegin: 5 11:37:30 ClientUserinfoChanged: 5 n\^7Brohn\t\2\c\1\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\3\lw\3\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\1\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:32 ClientConnect: 6 11:37:32 Userinfo: \name\^7Fred\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\OMNIBOT0600000000000000000000000\sil_guid\OMNIBOT0600000000000000000000000:2\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0 11:37:32 ClientUserinfoChanged: 6 n\^7Fred\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:32 ClientUserinfoChanged: 6 n\^7Fred\t\1\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\39\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:32 ClientUserinfoChanged: 6 n\^7Fred\t\1\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\39\lw\39\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:32 ClientBegin: 6 11:37:32 ClientUserinfoChanged: 6 n\^7Fred\t\1\c\1\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\3\lw\3\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\1\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:34 ClientConnect: 7 11:37:34 Userinfo: \name\^9E^nn^9K^nu^9r\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\OMNIBOT0700000000000000000000000\sil_guid\OMNIBOT0700000000000000000000000:2\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0 11:37:34 ClientUserinfoChanged: 7 n\^9E^nn^9K^nu^9r\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:34 ClientUserinfoChanged: 7 n\^9E^nn^9K^nu^9r\t\2\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\39\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:34 ClientUserinfoChanged: 7 n\^9E^nn^9K^nu^9r\t\2\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\39\lw\39\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:34 ClientBegin: 7 11:37:34 ClientUserinfoChanged: 7 n\^9E^nn^9K^nu^9r\t\2\c\1\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\8\lw\8\sw\7\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\1\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:36 ClientConnect: 8 11:37:36 Userinfo: \name\^7Milius\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\OMNIBOT0800000000000000000000000\sil_guid\OMNIBOT0800000000000000000000000:2\cl_punkbuster\0\cl_anonymous\0 11:37:36 ClientUserinfoChanged: 8 n\^7Milius\t\3\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\0\sw\0\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:36 ClientUserinfoChanged: 8 n\^7Milius\t\1\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\0\lw\39\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:36 ClientUserinfoChanged: 8 n\^7Milius\t\1\c\0\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\39\lw\39\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\0\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:36 ClientBegin: 8 11:37:36 ClientUserinfoChanged: 8 n\^7Milius\t\1\c\1\r\0\m\0000000\s\0000000\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\8\lw\8\sw\2\mu\0\ref\1\uci\0\lc\1\tv\0\sc\0 11:37:38 === ShutdownGame ------------------------------------------- 11:37:38 Lua API: Lua module [rules.lua] [0B0BD9A24FF9047FBA647DF17E75DC961BA04E58] unloaded. 11:37:38 Lua API: Lua module [rspree.lua] [428EAB42904FD9D6CAB5507B005B70A270F8A816] unloaded. 11:37:38 *=====CLOSING DATABASE 11:37:38 Buffers cleaned. 11:37:38 Big Memory Cache cleaned. 11:37:38 *=====DATABASE IS CLOSED 11:37:38 ShutdownGame: done. Closing log. 11:37:38 ------------------------------------------------------------ 11:37:38 ------------------------------------------------------------ 11:37:38 InitGame: \RSpree_mod_version\1.2.3\omnibot_playing\8\mod_url\http://mygamingtalk.com/\mod_version\0.8.1\P\-21212121\g_maxlivesRespawnPenalty\0\voteFlags\916927\g_balancedteams\1\g_maxGameClients\0\g_bluelimbotime\10000\g_redlimbotime\10000\gamename\silEnT\g_antilagDelay\0\omnibot_enable\1\g_tyranny\1\g_damageXPLevel\50\g_damageXP\0\g_maxConnsPerIP\2\g_heavyWeaponRestriction\100\sv_sac\1\g_gametype\6\g_antilag\1\g_voteFlags\0\g_alliedmaxlives\0\g_axismaxlives\0\g_minGameClients\0\g_needpass\0\g_maxlives\0\g_friendlyFire\0\sv_allowAnonymous\0\sv_floodProtect\0\sv_maxPing\0\sv_minPing\0\sv_maxRate\32000\sv_hostname\^3Clan^4555^2|^*Silent XPSave\mapname\goldrush\protocol\84\timelimit\30\version\ET 3.00 - TB 0.6.7 - 2.60b compatible linux-i386\sv_privateclients\0\sv_maxclients\22 11:37:38 Start of round. 11:37:38 Execing default.cfg mapconfig for 0 players. 11:37:38 * Execed total of 24 commands from the config file. 11:37:38 Execing goldrush.cfg mapconfig for 0 players. 11:37:38 * Execed total of 1 command from the config file. 11:37:38 *=====INITIALISING USER DATABASE 11:37:38 * Opening user database file userdb.db. 11:37:38 * Opening user database file userxdb.db. 11:37:38 * User database files open. Caching database. 11:37:38 675 players cached from the user database. 11:37:38 8 records cached from the additional user info files. 11:37:38 * Reading aliases database. 11:37:38 Database file is corrupted and can not be used. 11:37:38 *=====DATABASE READY FOR USE 11:37:38 Lua API: Loading rules.lua 11:37:38 Lua API: Loading rspree.lua
  7. I'd recommend checking out dedicated server hosting first. I've used gameservers.com in the past as both a redirect and a game host.They are decent for the most part but generally overpriced for what you get. I also had a period of time where the server I was on got constantly flooded and crapped out. Its one of the reasons why I switched over to dedicated hosting. They use better hardware and I've had very few issues.
  8. Howdy guys, I was just going through my server cfg today and comparing it to the default silent.cfg to remove any unused cvars that may have been missed and noticed there were a few cvars in the distributed Silent.cfg that were missing and appear to still be in use. I figured there was a reason they weren't in there..but just in case here's what I came across. If this topic is redundant then please feel free to delete it. g_misc g_teamForceBalance_playerrating g_extraStatistics g_playerCounting g_mode g_classWeapons g_protectMinLevel g_adminProtection g_identOptions
  9. NoGooD


    Just out of curiosity, are you running LUA?
  10. Hmm. I would take the others adivce Jizz and move to a better hosting company. I use them for my servers after using gameservers.com and have been happy. Either way, I'd move on to a new host.
  11. NoGooD


    They do indeed have a file replaced in the silent 0.6.3.pk3 They replaced the Silent watermark with one of their own as far as I can see. The voting also seemed to be having an issue. Quick question for you H20, are you using LUA or non-lua qagame.mp.i386 file? If you are using the LUA file, are you sure your using the correct version of LUA on startup? I've seen that cause some strange issues on NQ that were similar. http://i47.tinypic.com/125gjlh.jpg http://i46.tinypic.com/5bdz4k.jpg
  12. Dare, Thank you for sharing this info. Next time your my way, first round is on me.
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