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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome to the page on City Life RPG, A communtiy that has been running for 11 years now and is a Mod developed for Arma 3 and was one of the first of its kind. It features constant updates and bug fixes and details are found below. (Minimum age of 14) https://youtu.be/kOCpUC1kL2Q About Us: We started our community back in 2005 with only 3 dev team members and have grown it to what it is today. The Community & Role-Play:What do you want to do in City Life? Find yourself a job offered by the local government from cleaning the streets, operating the public transport, working for one of the emergency services, or better yet create jobs and have people work for you. There's plenty of ways to get by in City Life and the choices are all down to you. Join the community and become part of the story with each player bringing different aspects to the game and new ideas. Grab a few buddies and head up to the local lakes for a fishing trip, or head out to sea for some deep sea fishing! Or why not work within a team and rescue people at sea, helping others whenever possible? Then head over to the Emergency Medical Technicians. Fancy some action? Why not join up with the City Life Police Department (CLPD) Or maybe you'd rather earn that fast and easy cash from a bank robbery or run your very own drug operations? The choices are all down to you! The only thing you need here at City Life is imagination! City Life Shops:Got some extra cash and enjoy treating yourselves? We've got plenty of different shops for you to experience at City Life. Find everything from clothes shops, tool shops, weapons shops, different vehicle shops and much more. That's not all! City Life is all about delivering Role-Play with its own environment, buy the shops, stock the shops, compete with other shop owners to attract your customers. Senator:Think you've got what it takes to run the island? Communicate with the people of City Life? Keep yourself safe from competitors and those who might want their own in power? Maintain taxes and laws, and keep the peace on the island? We hope you've got what it'll take! Start launching that campaign and winning the election and see how the population judges you as City Life Senator. Public speeches and assistance from the City Life emergency services will help you somewhat, but remember it's easy to upset people by making changes and the Police certainly will not like an outbreak of public disorder! Emergency Medical Technicians:Accidents do happen in City Life unfortunately and this could be anything from a head on crash with another driver, mechanical failure on an aircraft and of course the odd shooting or two. Lucky for residents of City Life we have our Emergency Medical technicians (EMT's) who will respond to all medical and rescue related calls. If you're out at sea and find yourself in difficulty or lost up in the mountains then be sure to contact the EMT's! Players are able to join this service and will be trained to operate under the EMT's guidelines and rescues procedures. It's a stressful job and certainly not one for all! Our EMT's will help all parts of the community and therefore take a neutral standing whilst assisting Police and Civilian sides. Further information can be found about the EMT's on the server rule page and on our forums. Police:From minor speeding offences, vandalism and drunks, to serious bank robberies, drug dealers, assaults, City Life Police force are equipped and ready to protect the innocent. Work in a truly unique environment offering a serious element of Role-Play as you carry out the duties of a Police Officer building your way up the different ranks and divisions. City Life provides its Officers with the local DMV information on all residents and a huge database built within the Police Computer to maintain law and order, updating criminal records, crime reports, personal records, and much more! . Further information can be found about the Police on the server rule page and on our forums. Save system:You do not need to be worried about any loss in progression with your character on City Life. Our save system database is regularly backed up to maintain consistent game play to assure no disruption comes to our players. Of course we do our part! But players should frequently save manually at the various save points around the map. Using the save points will not only allow you to spawn back in at that location, but it'll backup all those hard earned skills, licenses, items, vehicles and even your criminal record! Map Location finder:Don't get lost! In City Life we have our own dynamic navigation system that will let you find your destination with a single map click. Find your way around easily and visit all those key destinations, useful for everyday use and also in the workplace for taxi drivers, bus drivers, emergency response, and much more, and a auto taxi service to take you wherever you need to go. DMV:Getting those licenses is not always an easy task! You will have to experience various different tests to obtain that driving license, truck license, boat license, pilot license, weapons license and much more! Each DMV test passed will give you further access to City Life environment with the ability to take on jobs and use shops where licences may be required. Of course, there's always other methods in City Life to get what you want, or drive without that license, but if you want to stay on the good side of the law, get down to your local DMV! Animations:City Life has always thrived on going the extra distances for its players and the community in which we support and love. In order to create that extra detail for those Role-Playing scenarios our animation team has created plenty of different actions that can either be selected by the player themselves or that are part of our scripts and will happen automatically. We can't wait for you to see the different amount of animations available to improve your game-play and Role-Playing experience with us at City Life RPG. Unbanning: The City Life RPG 3 MOD is quite strict on its rules so that we can maintain a healthy server. All none hacking bans can be reviewed once only so if you feel you where wronged and banned for no real reason please send an email to bannedclrpg@gmail.com with the following information: Username: ArmA3 GUID: Reason of your ban: Who banned you: Why you would like to be unbanned:
  2. http://i403.photobucket.com/albums/pp114/wulfie2008/KrjKhnj_zpso3fcgdyp.pngThe Fighting 13th community is recruiting for new members!! - http://fighting13th.com [fighting13th.com] (fairly new website) The Fighting 13th was established July 21st, 2009 (under 13th MEU moniker before) and been active ever since. We have 200+ members from all over the world (see our member map) for the different games we play. We are a casual clan open to all who meet our requirements. We do a fair amount of competitive gaming and partake in and host events and operations. We give our rates/ranks for leadership and experience and there are dozens of awards you can earn to be showcased on your profile and posts. We value teamwork, respect, community, camaraderie, and the main goal of having a blast with each other, whether late nights or throughout the day. ​Example of some of the games we play - CS:GO / ARMA / War Thunder / LoL / World of Warships / Battlefield 3/4 + many more. We are looking for those: 1) 17 years or older 2) Who own a working microphone (TeamSpeak 3 as well) 3) Who enjoy teamwork 4) Who can behave but still have a good time 4) Able to commit a few hours each week for clan activities Our TeamSpeak address: fighting13th.teamspeak.org | If you're interested in joining, just register on our website and reference wulfie and somebody or myself will help out. visit this link to get started: http://fighting13th..../34-apply-here/ [fighting13th.com]
  3. Hey guys, I'm an admin on a community called The Part-Timers, we're a growing community that is wishing to obtain more members. We are a community that is souly based on playing games and having fun: I'm posting on this forum to hopefully advertise for our community as we have recently purchased a few servers including: Farming simulator 2015 Minecraft Ark: Survival We will hopefully purchase more servers in the future if we grow to a steady size: we also provide a Teamspeak for the GGG community on garrysmod which is a ACF building community. Our server and teamspeak information: TS: part-timers.typefrag.com:7150 Thanks, RaptorSKA
  4. Task Force 15 is a military based unit for the game Arma 3. We are looking for new members to join our ranks and fill our community. We are still in development, so please do not expect the best, we not been around for very long and are still in the development stages. We have a basic rank structure for our members that will provide a chain of command. We find this a very crucial and important part of our unit. A chain of command is key in order to keep things organized and when carrying out commands. What we look for in our members is people just looking to experience tactical military game-play and to just have fun. To maintain order and to help the unit run more efficiently, we offer many roles beyond the standard ranking system in our unit. These include 3 departments: Recruiting Department, Technical Support Department, and Combat Journalist Department. Here is a brief summary of what these departments are. Recruiting Department: The recruitment department is fairly straight forward. Recruiters are responsible for properly training and recruiting new members into Task Force 15. Technical Support Department: The technical support department focuses on more towards website moderation (eg. Forums) and are responsible for giving help to mod installation if needed for new members. Combat Journalist Department: This departments is for members who are willing to help promote Task Force 15 through media, such as Youtube and Twitch.. All of these departments are for respected members of our unit. All of our members can apply to be in these departments on the forums. Task Force 15 will be hosting it's own dedicated server very soon. Our dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server is now online. Our server is where all of our operations will be held, these operations will be scheduled on our site calendar and addressed to the unit ahead of time. All members go through BCT when first joining. This is to see where you are most needed and what role you will serve. Task Force 15 does do training once a week, since we are aware people do not have time to do training 3 times a week. Our server will be using mods, these mods are also the ones our unit will be using. CORE MODS: - RHS: Escalation Mod Pack - TASK FORCE RADIO OPTIONAL MODS: - JSRS - BLAST CORE - SHACKTAC SQUAD HUD If interested please feel free to visit our site @ www.taskforce15.enjin.com and our teamspeak @ or search [uS] Task Force 15 on teamspeak search filter. We look forward to seeing you! Founder, Maxi
  5. Good afternoon to all Arma 3 players. We have been working on an ambitious project for quite a while. We can announce that the server has been released, and it is now open for the public. Here are some simple steps you have to follow to be able to join the server: 1. Download the modpack https://mega.co.nz/#!IRhWGKTY!bRiS84rvlSuVS0D5OVdLn0RMSAZhYZGIWpVUKDZeQvI 2. Extract the @WWG rar file into the Arma 3 folder (Steam, SteamApps, common, Arma 3) 3. Launch Arma 3, then go to expansions & enable the @WWG modpack - restart Arma 4. To find the server filter host "WorldWideGaming" or remote connect to this IP: & Port: 2302
  6. Blacksandgaming is an Australian/ New Zealand gaming community however we welcome all players from around the world. We have been up and running for about 6 months and have a strong core group of players which are friendly and helpful. We are focused on the Arma series/ Life is Feudal and many more community bases games. We tend to stick to role-playing and base building games. We are not donation focused. Everything is free For clans with five or more players we offer a dedicated clan channels on our teamspeak server as well as a locked forum so you can communicate with your members online and offline. For groups less than five we offer a single locked teamspeak channel. You do not have to play on our servers to be apart of the community many members play different games. Website: http://www.blacksandgaming.com Teamspeak: ts.blacksandgaming.com Please ask to speak to Roo for more information.
  7. http://i62.tinypic.com/hsjlw1.png Black-Legion is a gaming community founded in 2002, we have been a successful gaming community for this duration playing games such as ArmA III, Insurgency and Red Orchestra 2. We can provide an experience for members of all preferences be it hardcore gaming or just casual fun. We have a strong member base of around 40 members none of which are forgotten about! We are a community before anything and we are looking for players who speak fluent English and are interested in a casual gaming experience, we have members ranging from the age of 17-30 and anyone is welcome to join us! We have two dedicated servers which are powerful enough to run numerous game server simultaneously so everyone's needs are satisfied, we currently run several public and private servers for numerous games. We take pride in our weekly events for our main games such as ArmA III, Insurgency and Red Orchestra 2 which gather a turn out of 20+ members. We are looking for members who can respect other people, have commitment towards the clan, communicate in and out of game, can create a positive atmosphere and people who are genuinely going to get engaged into the clan as we feel the more that you put into the community the more you get out of it, developing relationships with other members makes this an experience not easily forgotten. If you wish to join Black-Legion you can formally register on our website or join our TeamSpeak 3 Server at ts3:// and seek an Administrator for more information! We would like to point out that your application to the clan is very important as it gives us an insight to who you are and if you we would like to accept you into our community. http://i60.tinypic.com/2hqgdpv.jpg
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