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lua spamming messages ...

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I'm running combinedfixes.lua (version 4 - reyalP).  I see in that lua where it checks userinfo.


We had some guy come one the server and crash it and ever since, we've been spammed with "badinfo bad userinfo" on the screen (shows up in the same place you see messages about folks getting killed and tripping on mines, etc.    *Everyone* sees them.


We are running silEnT now, but it was happening when we were running ETPub too, so it's not a silEnT thing.. I'm sure it's the lua.


So.. 1) does someone with nothing better to do have a script running to autojoin the server with crappy user info

            or is there a problem with this version of the lua?

       2) how to make it stop?  Other than not running the lua (don't think that's a good idea).



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You are running combinedfixes.lua on silent mod? As far as I know you do not need it, as all the fixes in combinedfixes are already built into silent mod.

So yeah

Other than not running the lua (don't think that's a good idea).

don't run the lua. :D (Unless I am wrong, which someone will point out I am sure.)

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