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  1. https://dev.etlegacy.com/projects/etlegacy/wiki/Mapping_and_Textures#Configstrings-or-the-configstring
  2. A way to give/remove individual permissions regardless of the group. By permissions I mean flags, custom commands and custom votes.
  3. alex


    Yeah thats the normal behavior I guess.
  4. alex


    load your map with "devmap" so cheats will work.
  5. If I were you I would set a local silent server and read console output/logs.
  6. Does it happen when you play on other silent servers ? Or Only on your favorite server ?
  7. I d'like to know more about these vulnerabilities as well.
  8. !usersearch will provide this information. http://mygamingtalk....Silent_Shrubbot << again.
  9. 1) Your answer is !useredit GUIID Level (New value) http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Shrubbot for more details & commands 2) Edit the file omni-bot/et/scripts/et_botnames.gm 3) g_classWeapons "0"
  10. I Will provide help as much as you need! Good luck.
  11. It works fine here, joined the axis, then allies team. No problem so far.
  12. Hmmm, I'm trying the map right now, brb.
  13. I think you can just add in "/your_server/silent/mapconfigs/default.cfg" "unban 1"
  14. Is this a troll ? Well it's somehow fun.
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