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    alex reacted to hellreturn in Website Updated   
    I have updated website to current version as old version wasn't supported anymore. While we are fixing some issues, some features might not be available. 
    Thanks for being mygamingtalk user.
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    alex reacted to hellreturn in max_gamestate_chars   
    Isn't that Engine limitation? 
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    alex reacted to Dragonji in Jaymod source code released   
    Jaybird decided to release Jaymod 2.2.0 source code to the public.
    You can grab it here: https://github.com/budjb/jaymod
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    alex reacted to gaoesa in Individual permissions   
    You can use !useredit to modify personal permission flags of players. We have made a separate tool to list and/or remove all personal permission flags in the user database. Unfortunately, we didn't realize the need for more commands on this area of the user database while we were still actively developing the mod.
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    alex reacted to gaoesa in silEnT release 0.8.0   
    We are already in 0.9.0. We don't supply 0.8.0 and we don't give any support for anyone who is not running 0.9.0. You shouldn't be even seeking for that old buggy version. If there is some archiving reasons for seeking it, I don't remember what hapened with this particular version, but some version don't go public at all as they have been found critically buggy in the final testing on public servers. We have to increment the version number regardless, because the ET engine doesn't provide methods to cleanly reuse the pk3 names. I.e. the engine doesn't delete the old file of the same name, but rather adds a hash to the file name of the "overwriting" file.
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    alex reacted to twiti in These commands.   
    not really afaik you need map restart to change g_medicchargetime in silent mod. and 12 dren.. just not enough
    here is 500 medic dren + save/load command silent mod setup
    --------shrubbot (edit levels)
    command  = tjon
    exec     = set g_medicchargetime 4000 ; set g_skills 7 ; set g_medics 0 ; set lua_modules "TJmod.lua adrenaline.lua" ; omnibot_enable 0; restart
    desc     = ^7!^3tjon^7 - turn ^3TRICKJUMP ^7mode on, execute ^3!tjoff ^7once done jumping
    syntax   =
    levels   =

    command  = tjoff
    exec     = set g_medicchargetime 45000 ; set g_skills 3 ; set g_medics 325 ; set lua_modules "none" ; omnibot_enable 1; restart
    desc     = ^7!^3tjoff^7 - turn ^3TRICKJUMP ^7mode off
    syntax   =
    levels   =
    2) copy adrenaline.lua and TJMod.lua to server "silent" directory, replace set lua_modules "none" with your default modules if any
    -- More Adrenaline for Medics 0.1
    -- by nano <nano@fooo.org>
    -- This is a small module for trickjump servers. It gives
    -- medics on spawn a specified amount of adrenaline needles.
    -- To add adrenaline needles you have to use the ammoindex
    -- since they belong together just like WP_LUGER and WP_MP40
    -- (line 1396-1419 in game/bg_misc.c).

    AMOUNT = 500
    et.CS_PLAYERS = 689

    function et.GetPlayerCS(clientNum, key)
      local cs = et.trap_GetConfigstring(et.CS_PLAYERS + clientNum)
      return et.Info_ValueForKey(cs, key)

    function et_ClientSpawn(clientNum, revived)
      if tonumber(et.GetPlayerCS(clientNum, "c")) == 1 then
        et.gentity_set(clientNum, "ps.ammoclip", 11, AMOUNT)
        et.gentity_set(clientNum, "ps.ammo", 11, AMOUNT)
    -- end adrenaline.lua

    function et_InitGame(levelTime,randomSeed,restart)
    et.trap_SendConsoleCommand(et.EXEC_NOW,"sets ^8T^sJmod_verison ^s"..HSP_TJmod_Verison.."")
    et.trap_SendConsoleCommand(et.EXEC_NOW,"sets ^8T^sJmod_WebSite ^sliteral-party.com/et/mod")

    function gotohell()
       et.gentity_set(et.trap_Argv(1), "health", -200)
    function goto()
               et.gentity_set(et.trap_Argv(1), "origin", pos[30])
    function iwant(selfID,targetID)
            et.trap_SendServerCommand(targetID, "cp \"^8Y^sour position before moved has been saved, use ^1!goback ^sto restore\"" )
               et.gentity_set(targetID, "origin", pos[30])
      function save(targetID)
            if et.gentity_get(targetID,"sess.sessionTeam")==1 then
            et.trap_SendServerCommand(targetID, "cp \"^8S^saved\"" )
          if et.gentity_get(targetID,"sess.sessionTeam")==2 then
            et.trap_SendServerCommand(targetID, "cp \"^8S^saved\"" )
        if et.gentity_get(targetID,"sess.sessionTeam")==3 then
            et.trap_SendServerCommand(targetID,"cp \"^8Y^sou can not ^1/save^S as a spectator.\"")
      function load(targetID)
      if et.gentity_get(targetID,"sess.sessionTeam")==1 then
        et.trap_SendServerCommand( targetID, "cp \"^8L^soaded\"" )
      if et.gentity_get(targetID,"sess.sessionTeam")==2 then
        et.trap_SendServerCommand( targetID, "cp \"^8L^soaded\"" )
      if et.gentity_get(targetID,"sess.sessionTeam")==3 then
            et.trap_SendServerCommand(targetID,"cp \"^8Y^sou can not ^1/load^S as a spectator.\"")
      function block(clientNum)
        et.trap_SendServerCommand( clientNum, "cp \"^8h^sttp://literal-party.com\n\"" )
        return 1
    function et_ConsoleCommand()
            if et.trap_Argv(0)=="gotohell" then
             return 1
            if et.trap_Argv(0)=="goto" then
             return 1
            if et.trap_Argv(0)=="goback" then
             et.gentity_set(et.trap_Argv(1), "origin", pos[et.trap_Argv(1)])
             return 1
            if et.trap_Argv(0)=="iwant" then
             return 1
    return 0
    function et_ClientCommand( clientNum, command )
                if command=="save" then
                  return 1
                if command=="load" then
                  return 1
                if command=="noclip" or command=="god" then
                  return 1
                return 0
    --end TJMod.lua
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    alex reacted to Dragonji in /minimize for silent   
    You can minimize the game with no problem on ET Legacy.
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    alex reacted to hoobledoop in Hello Guys! Hoobledoop!   
    sorry alex thank you for the help its been appreciated. I have the server up and running. and 90% set up how i would like it.
    All help with this has been greatly appreciated thank you all
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    alex got a reaction from hoobledoop in Hello Guys! Hoobledoop!   
    I Will provide help as much as you need!
    Good luck.
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    alex got a reaction from hoobledoop in Hello Guys! Hoobledoop!   
    1) Your answer is !useredit GUIID Level (New value)
    http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Shrubbot for more details & commands
    2) Edit the file omni-bot/et/scripts/et_botnames.gm
    3) g_classWeapons "0"
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    alex got a reaction from hoobledoop in Hello Guys! Hoobledoop!   
    !usersearch will provide this information.
    http://mygamingtalk....Silent_Shrubbot << again.
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    alex got a reaction from Ray in Customizing of Loading Screen between Maps   
    Starting from 0.9.0 you have to rename it camp_map_custom.tga
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    alex reacted to hoobledoop in Hello Guys! Hoobledoop!   
    Hey all!
    I am new to hosting a server. to which i shall be doing over the next week or so. can anyone direct me to lets say "newbs 101 guide" to setting up and running a Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Silent Mod Server please
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. as i have no clue what i'm doing
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    alex reacted to Dragonji in Update country flags   
    Current country flags are low quality, it would be nice to get them updated.

    ET:L uses nice flags with a liberal license which allows any use.
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    alex reacted to Flyingdutchman in Nametags for Spectators   
    We have noticed that it makes issue of quick team switching. You must go spec, then join the other team: otherwise you get the message "Shoutcasters may not join a team" - other than that, it is very useful to spectators to know who's who: and makes for better spectating.

    FYI: We're having an event on our server Friday (all day) - come by and say hello.
    More info here:

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    alex reacted to gaoesa in !ban ?   
    Before anyone locks himself out from his server. You get the MAC address from the latest hop, which is needed for routing. Not from the client machine.
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    alex reacted to TheSilencerPL in unban players   
    LOL, this sounds like: "we don't allow cheaters, but our cheating friends are OK"
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    alex reacted to Sol in What was the point of you adding features to the 0.9.0?   
    Great work as always, but just one question. What is the point of making external library modules without releasing an API?
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    alex got a reaction from Flyingdutchman in Ranks   
    Like suggested in this post, I think ranks should have a cvar to change how they behave.
    0 (XP, default) 1 (Kill Rating) 2 (Point per minute) 3 (Match to admins)  
    Also, having the possibility to add new cosmetic ranks would be crazy!
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    alex got a reaction from Flyingdutchman in Customizing of Loading Screen between Maps   
    Starting from 0.9.0 you have to rename it camp_map_custom.tga
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    alex reacted to gaoesa in To all with test access to 0.9.0   
    It's a weird thing to think everyone else but you would be so dumb that they just mindlessly click on any button they are presented. Or that they wouldn't be able to connect to your server without a button. They managed to connect to the server without a button in the first place. Or that players couldn't handle using the server browser. I don't know any game where it is actually required to have modified game menus to get players connect to a community server. So I don't believe it at all if someone claims their server needs a button to the game main menu to get players to join their server. What we can do, is to see if we can make favorited servers more accessible or better known in a future release. In ways like adding "Favorite Server" button to the main menu while on the server. You can also offer regulars a modified menu at your forum, which they can add at their own free will. But this discussion is going in circles and I must ask that we will keep this thread clean for information to those who are testing the new version.
    Sorry I don't think anyone from the moderator team speaks french so there can't be a french translation in this thread.
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    alex got a reaction from BettyBoop in Doors - 0.9.0   
    Thanks for the nightly release.
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    alex reacted to gaoesa in To all with test access to 0.9.0   
    The download has been updated. Fixes door bug for Linux servers. You only need to update the qagame binary of your server.
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    alex reacted to gaoesa in Doors - 0.9.0   
    What silencer meant to say, is that it is a bug, but it's not a code change we have done. We have a build system that produces a binary with the bug. We can also build without it. You will get a server binary without the bug soon. Finding out why we have a problem with the usual build system is still unclear. Thank you for the offer to help anyway.
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    alex reacted to Topcat in Doors - 0.9.0   
    Yeah it's a bug in the code, what else could it be ?
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