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/minimize for silent


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Another great feature would be the minimize command. I'm sure you've seen ET minimizer. It's also built into the latest versions of Redsector's Jaymod enhmod. So you can just use /minimize and minimize the game, without needing ET minimizer.


I have it bound to a key in my autoexec.cfg and it's nice to not have a separate program to activate when I start ET.


Just a thought.

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It's a good thought. I can't say will it be added. Probably it will not be supported by all platforms if implemented.


If it was implemented it would be in windows for starters, because it's the most popular platform. But since I play on linux I can do something like this for linux. There is no timeframe for this for now however.

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Hello guys,


With Windows 10, I think it is now time to have a built-in minimizer in silEnT mod.


When on XP or Seven, I used Minimizor (from http://idcation.com) with success on 99% games (not only Quake3 ^^).

But now, this software thinks that Win10 desktop is ... a game and fails.


And more than that, it is more efficient to have it built-in in the game than in another software that only 'experienced' players know.




PS: I've just tried the ET-Minimizer (from http://etconfig.net) but KO.

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Thanks Krauersaut I've just tried your etmin.exe but doesn't work ( in fact, same software as ET-Minimizer )


Thanks Dragonji but Legacy and french keyboards (AZERTY) oblige to change settings every time you change server, and Textures of players seem to be modified, maybe I will test more in-depth when 2.73 will be soon out xD


Concerning my beloved Minimizor, I've let a message at Support of http://idcation.com, but no response for the moment​.



EDIT: ​I can't edit my previous post : right address is idcation.com not idaction.com

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Thanks, but ALT-TAB doesn't work (for me only ?) it shows me other programs but keep remaining on ET full-screened ...


Rel!c, does-it work (for you) when ET is in full-screen (ie not windowed) ?

sorry for late reply but i was wrong and it don't work.. worked in db so i got it wrong, have to be a first for me to i guess :)

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I dont know much about modding or if this info even is helpful for the silent team but /min was successfully ported into the etjump mod so its possible (from what I can logically see).


It's completely useless as you can with ease minimize the game using Alt+Tab on ET Legacy.

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