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Hi guys, it would be nice to have configurable custom votes in silent like it's implemented in nitmod:



Custom votes are stored a file named 'votes.db'.

This file has to be located in the 'silent/database' folder of your server.

file structure:


name = //Vote name (ex: "splata" >> /callvote splata)

cmd = //Command sent to the server if the vote passes (ex: !splata)

message = //Message displayed on players screens when the vote is called.


what do you think?

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Implemented in the next version, with following syntax:


[customvote]name     = max 15 characters long name of the voteexec     = max 1023 characters long execute linedescription = max 1023 characters long description of the votevotetext = max 255 characters long text to be shown as the votepasstext = max 255 characters long optional text to be shown if the vote passeslevels   = max 32 space separated optional level numbers


The votes are seen and executed with the /callvote command. The levels are optional and if it is left empty, players with any level can call the votes.



These blocks are defined in the shrubbot.cfg file.

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