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    Mateos reacted to palota in Bot glitching with a specific PLANT goal on Ruins of Acquiesce   
    That ruins32.gm script is for old Omni-bot version 0.71. The Map.Switches table does not work since Omni-bot 0.8. and has to be converted to SWITCH goals. The MOVER_tank goal should be removed. But the most critical bug is that all priorities are extremely high. Priorities of normal high level goals should never be greater than 0.9.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Handling debugtrigger-less button temporarily disabled once used   
    You can create a region trigger for any player who is near the button. But it is not possible to detect if the player pressed the button or not.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Question about team_WOLF_objective   
    These entities don't have an AABB, but they have a position.
    GetEntPosition(102) It's not recommended to use entity IDs, because they can depend on mods. It's better to use entity names.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Giving a goal shared by the 2 teams a role just for 1 team   
    You can create new custom BUILD and PLANT goals for Axis and then restrict neutral goals to Allies. But it is too much complicated. I think it would be better to set a goal range instead of role. Range is useful so that bots don't go to the goal if they are too far away from it.
    Bots get roles only on map load or when they change team (if balancing is enabled) or when some bot disconnects. You can't change roles dynamically.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Weird issue with a PLANT goal of wolfsrudel_final   
    The problem is caused by a line Util.RemoveGoal( "PLANT_Main_Radiomast" ) which is in OnMapLoad.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in GetGameState returning Playing while the game is paused   
    The GameState enumeration is common for all games. Each game has its own states. Enemy Territory and RTCW do not support Paused, Scoreboard and Suddendeath.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Cycling through players checking if they're alive   
    Function OnExit can be called after a player switched team or disconnected. There are too many maps with this "team switch bug". I fixed it in the fueldump map today.
    GameMonkey scripts have simple cooperative multitasking. Threads can be switched only at sleep or yield. That's why no locks or mutexes are needed.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Cycling through players checking if they're alive   
    Cycle through all players may be slow, so I would recommend to create a trigger region. Then define some table in your script to store all players who are in the region. Add a player to the table in OnEnter and remove him from the table in OnExit. Then build a loop to go through players in that table and count only those who have Util.GetEntHealth(ent)>0.
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    Mateos got a reaction from Ray_Wolf in waypoints   
    A first answer was provided here: github.com/jswigart/omni-bot/issues/16
    But most of them are absent from the official repo heh ^^'
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    Mateos reacted to palota in How to download Omni-bot   
    Enemy Territory
    If you use ET:Legacy, it is very easy because it automatically downloads and installs Omni-bot.
    You can also download ZIP package from the GitHub. You can extract it to any folder and then set omnibot_path cvar.
    Most users need to download only one file omni-bot_0_90_ET.zip, which contains binaries, scripts and waypoints.
    File omni-bot_0_90_ET_waypoint_mod.zip is the omnibot mod which can be used to create waypoints and goals. If you just want to play the game, it's better to install another mod (legacy, silEnT, n!tmod, Jaymod, NoQuarter, etpub, ...).
    The latest development version is available in the SVN repository. You can use TortoiseSVN to checkout http://svn.assembla.com/svn/omnibot/Enemy-Territory/0.8/ If it asks for login credentials, you can enter anything (for example username: x, password: x).
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Download file omni-bot_0_90_RTCW.zip from GitHub. It contains scripts, waypoints and binaries. It is compatible with the latest version of iortcw.
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    Mateos reacted to gaoesa in Broken ETPub-based mods client side   
    If it runs ok then I think it is sorted for now. I was just curious to find out what was the cause of it. If you like to test a server, I think creating a separate server instance is better. That way your user configs don't get overwritten by the server.
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    Mateos reacted to gaoesa in Broken ETPub-based mods client side   
    Does this happen if you set up your own server?
    NQ is also ETPub based. It reall doesn't make much sense that it happens in ETPub and in silEnT but not with other mods. You should install the game outside of the "Program Files (x86)" and not run it as an admin, it would give you at least a little better security. Overall, you shouldn't run programs as admin unless they really do have some serious reason they would need it.
    Please try to set up your own server locally and test connecting to it.
    ...\etded.exe +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game silent +map oasis Client:
    ...\et.exe +connect
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